Take the Stress Out: 7 Proven Hacks to Grow Pinterest Audience

Pinterest Followers

If your goal is to buy Pinterest Followers to grow your audience, stick with this guide for best hacks. Remember, Pinterest is all about exploration and inspiration.

It means it is the best option to keep interacting with existing followers and even approach new users successfully. You cannot imagine that Pinterest has 250 million active users per month. 

So, it is a great option to grow your business with a vast audience. Approximately 70% of Pinterest users search for new brands, and almost 70% acknowledge content on Pinterest.

However, the primary factor on Pinterest is sales control because it is the largest shopping platform. So, you need to know how to increase Pinterest users on your profile with greater interest.

Significant Hacks To increase Pinterest Audience

Pinterest performs as a search engine more than social media networks. If you are eagerly interested in increasing brand visibility, it makes sense. Learn particular ways to grow your Pinterest audience. But how to find the exact path to reach an audience?

A question comes to your mind Which Social Media Platform Pays the Most 2022? here to get more info. Pinterest is like a search engine, and people land on this platform when they want to explore something unique.

Focus on one area and utilize all energetic factors to enhance brand growth. Follow these action steps to confirm success on Pinterest.

Explore who takes interest on Pinterest

A strong understanding of Pinterest’s user community will assist you in creating content for your business profile. There are a few best points to start: The most Pinterest audience is women, and only 30% of men users, but this count is increasing.

Surprisingly, 83% of Pinterest women are between 25 to 54 of age group in the United State. Of course, this is more audience than other social media channels.

  • The younger generation is the most engaging age group on Pinterest.
  • Surprisingly, half of Pinterest users belong to the United States
  • Pinterest is the dominant social platform in the United States and mostly consists of urban users.
  • But you can also explore more facts about Pinterest demographics.

Involve With What is Trendy

Take a closer look at who performs excellently on Pinterest by searching user feed. Make practical notes, assess unities, and need to know how to implement these facts in your content.

When you get compelling content, re-pins to that board and follow that particular user. Or even you can write a meaningful comment. 

All these simple but active hacks will enhance business exposure on your Pinterest profile. But avoid overcooking it because a lot of comments will consider in spamming format.

Therefore, concentrate on a few thoughtful comments consisting of one to two words. For example, ‘that’s awesome’ or ‘great’ such like comments.

Differentiate yourself with eye-catchy visuals

For best growth on Pinterest, the excellent performance of pins follows three common things.

  • Appealing
  • Interesting
  • Actionable

Thus, Pinterest is the best visual channel, so make sure you have fascinating images. Follow these steps to highlight your Pinterest pictures.

  • Add first-class and high-resolution pictures
  • Add lifestyle photos have more strength to stand out than simple product images.
  • Avoid adding busy images

Prefer vertically-oriented images to horizontal ones because 85% of users sign in to Pinterest on their mobile devices.

It means vertical images are more demanding than horizontal formats. Image size shouldn’t exceed average Pinterest length because long images will cut off. Well, the perfect image ratio is 2:3.

Try to display various products in one pin because Pinterest explores pins with many products. Multiple product images appeal to Pinterest because of unique tastes and trigger curiosity. Therefore, it is ideal to have a limit of four products in a single pin.

Add videos if you can because short videos easily stand out from high-resolution images. There are various tools to create the best videos, and you must utilize them.

Add hashtags and brand-relevant keywords

People use Pinterest as a search engine, so create optimized content that people can discover conveniently.

Besides, you should confirm that you have relevant keywords in your meta description. Add hashtags in your meta description to make it a more discoverable and inappropriate search.

Ways to search appropriate hashtags and keywords:

  • Utilize directed search. For example, type keywords in the Pinterest search field and observe automatically generated ideas.
  • Observe also bubble keywords that will appear in the search bar.
  • You can look at hashtag recommendations and even see which keywords users are using in the hashtags. Use those stated hashtags in your meta description.
  • Search trendy hashtags in your directory, and they should be available for mobile devices.
  • Learn bit SEO tools to boos on this platform

So, apply all this logic in your Pinterest profile and add keywords to your profile as well. Your profile will appear in the search bar with the relevant keywords. It is valuable if you are a business person and want to expand your expertise.

Search your audience

Pinterest lets you search new traffic based on their interest and relevant keywords. It is best to find users who are more interested in your products.

Various tools will aid you in searching for users with their own particular behavior and interest. Increase your engagement uniquely to interact with Pinterest users who are engaged with your products. 

So, retarget these followers with a call to action to build a strong bond with them. Never ignore exploring pre-existing audiences about their interest and problems. Many brand upload visitor lists, CRM lists, and newsletter subscribers to interact with existing users for a specific platform.

The idea of the Pinterest contest

Add a contest with your Pinterest followers as a primary requirement. Besides, you can create images and hashtags sharable that participants can share with other users to join your community.

Before starting a contest, make sure your rules are clear and easy to follow. Here are Pinterest’s best instructions to keep remembering.

  • Avoid more entries per user
  • Avoid implying Pinterest sponsorship
  • Comply with all applicable rules and regulations


Pinterest is the leading platform nowadays. It is because Pinterest allows users to pin visual content from pinboards.

Besides, people can easily follow one another and know about the latest pinning. It has a million users performing things differently. Why don’t you build an audience on Pinterest?

John Robert

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