Tech industries going to make money next year

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Development and programming: technological entrepreneurship for technical profiles

Until now we have mentioned profiles in which either a very creative character or someone very analytical is necessary. But in both cases technical tools are needed.

Well, these tools, platforms and devices require specialists with technical knowledge. Developers and programmers … Profiles that with annual or semester training acquire advanced and sufficient technical notions with which to undertake and earn a living comfortably. The investment in training is relatively high, but it pays off with high salaries after a few years of experience.

Web development

Very typical entrepreneurship option, if we talk about technology, since every brand needs a web page. In addition, thanks to the mastery of systems and CMS such as WordPress , Joomla or Drupal , among others, the work of a web developer or programmer is simplified. Creating and maintaining web pages is an ideal business, both for the present and for the future. To promote your web development services you need to make a social media account. Tiktok being the best choice if you want to increase the target market you will need simple concept to get more TikTok followers, for your account to remain popular and influential

Software development

What if instead of mastering CMS like the ones mentioned above, it was you who developed them? Create ad hoc software programs for more specific clients. The technical knowledge that will be required of you will be greater, but the economic profitability will go accordingly.

Mobile App Developer

Other brands, for their part, just want to have a presence with mobile applications. In fact, according to a study by We Are Social and Hootsuite, in January 2021, 66.6% of the world’s population was already browsing from a mobile device. Therefore, designing apps can be a great entrepreneurial idea if you are a developer or programmer.

UX design and web design

Within the most technological entrepreneurial profiles, it is necessary to master the most technical part of computing and digital. However, code and programming are not everything. For users, it will be key to offer websites, applications and programs that are visually beautiful and usable. There the role of the UX designer and that of web designers in general is key. Mastering and executing projects with programs like Invision, Illustrator or Photoshop is a very attractive business opportunity.

Chatbots and virtual assistants

With digital businesses, perhaps closeness and immediacy in customer service have been lost. For this reason, services such as chatbots or virtual assistants are increasingly in demand . With them the client can satisfy their doubts, questions and others. And you, if you master programming, fill your wallet and your pocket with a growing business.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

At the same time, another sector of the future in which to undertake is that of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. There is an increasing commitment to offering sensory experiences to users, be it on web pages, in video games, etc. That is why these two fields are increasingly generating more interest among brands and users. bet online at sattamatka.

3D printing

And if we talk about unlimited opportunities for entrepreneurship, 3D printing cannot be missing. Thanks to these futuristic machines, it is possible to build anything from a guitar to a school in just 18 hours, as has happened in Malawi.


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