Techniques for calculating a custom motorcycle chassis

Although American V-Twin and custom motorcycle front wheel frame manufacturers spend millions of dollars in design and research to tune their products to the best handling and riding position, many owners still prefer their bikes to sit a little lower. There are many reasons for this, from supposedly easier handling to simply giving your bike a “beaten up” look. And some people, if they have short legs, do it to make it easier for their feet to touch the ground.

Without a doubt, the rigid frame is Metal’s bike that you can put on the road and that doesn’t require chassis modifications. And since this setup has no suspension at all, you have a low-riding motorcycle, but ride comfort is sacrificed for that low riding position.

On a swingers style frame, the most recommended

 way to lower a motorcycle is to replace the OEM shocks with a set of aftermarket shocks that have a shorter center-to-center distance than stock. There are several aftermarket custom motorcycle parts companies that make and sell these shorter shocks for all different models and usually when you buy a kit they come as a “kit” which means they have new shocks, new bushings, springs. and fasteners. hardware is also included.

There are a few other ways to lower the rear end of a swingarm motorcycle without changing the stock suspension. A lowering kit can be installed that lowers the bike by moving the bottom of the shock rearward, allowing the swinger to sit at a greater angle. If you decide to use the invoice, make sure that it is designed for the year of riding and the model of the motorcycle. Don’t let anyone tell you that one size fits all, because it doesn’t. A good rule of thumb to follow when considering lowering a motorcycle is to try to be less than 1 inch from stock.

Another method used in the past to lower a motorcycle’s

 swingarm frame was to cut the shock absorber coils. It’s definitely not the best way to drop a bike because you’re just asking for all kinds of problems and a high probability of suspension failure.

If you have a motorcycle with a softball frame, the shocks must be pulled out and not compressed to lower the bike, because the soft ail rear suspension works by using the push-in shocks to turn the swingarm. When you extend the shock absorber, the rocker arm lowers slightly. Once again, aftermarket drop kits and shocks are available for these stylish bikes, some of which are adjustable so you can tune the suspension for different riding situations. In fact, there are several “air adjustable” suspension products that seem to work very well for riders who want to change their ride height regularly.

After you have lowered your bike to a suitable place

, carefully check all necessary clearances. For example, a seat with a rocker arm, a belt with an inner main arm, a tire with a fender, and a tire sidewall with a fender. Remember that your bike has a whole new personality compared to the factory settings.

For example, the Headlight starts shining where it shouldn’t, so you need to adjust it. One of the most important things you need to check is the back strap adjustment. Lowering the rear sway bars to different angles changes the movement of the rear belt and, depending on the model, it can be too loose or too tight.

Another thing to pay attention to after lowering the motorcycle is the stand.

If you put your bike on a stand after changing the suspension, it may look like it’s going to fall, so you should consider replacing the stand with a new one, which will solve this problem. Just remember that if your bike sits lower, you may have to change both your riding style and your riding positions, and don’t forget that a new seat might even do the trick for you instead of messing up the wheels. suspension

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