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Telecalling software helps businesses make the most of outbound sales calls by automating processes, reducing costs, and providing valuable analytics. The right telecalling software can boost your marketing ROI and help you get more business.

There are several factors that affect telemarketing success, including training and customer support. If these factors aren’t addressed, a poor telemarketing system can ruin your outbound campaigns.


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Callyzer is a cloud-based telecalling software that enables you to analyze your calling performance and gain essential insights. It also helps you to track calls made and received by team members in a central dashboard.

It also provides a backup and restoration service. It allows users to export required call logs in Excel or CSV format.

Moreover, it lets you access a contacts list and set up as a default dialer app. It also provides detailed insights about your calls like most frequent calls by total duration and frequency.

The application has several features and can be downloaded free of charge from the Google Play Store. It also includes a backup and restoration feature that backs up data daily, weekly and monthly.


COVID-19 is a severe respiratory viral illness that can lead to hospitalization, especially in people with HIV or other serious health problems. It can also cause blood clots in the lungs or arteries.

To prevent the spread of COVID-19, everyone 6 months of age and older should get a vaccine. They should also get updated booster shots if eligible.

If you have a high risk of getting COVID-19, stay away from crowds and places that don’t have good air flow (ventilation). Wear a mask when indoors around other people.

The US government has been providing free Covid-19 tests, treatment and vaccines to Americans who are covered by Medicare or Medicaid, as part of the national health emergency. These programs will end on May 11.


NeoDove is a telecalling software that helps small and medium businesses enhance the productivity of their telecallers to drive higher revenue growth. It features carefully-designed features like an auto dialer, a comprehensive lead management system, instant-multichannel engagement, real-time performance analytics, thousands of integrations, and more.

Its cloud-based phone system streamlines calling processes and activities, making it easier to create and handle leads in real-time from a web portal or mobile app. It also helps users make personalized communications with prospects and customers through calls, emails, SMS, and WhatsApp.

Besides, NeoDove also offers multi-lingual support and customized script builder. Its easy-to-use mobile app and web portal work even when the internet connection is poor, ensuring user productivity at all times.

NeoDove also offers a flexible pricing system that only charges you for the number of tele callers you have on board. Its web portal gives a complete picture of your entire sales pipeline, from the status of leads to the performance of your sales team.

CallPro CRM

CallPro CRM is an all-in-one telecalling software system that allows you to dial domestic or international numbers in low or high volumes. It has multiple databases that can be configured independently and consolidated for reporting purposes.

It also includes a number of e-marketing features such as hot prospect e-mail prioritisation, in-built email and SMS marketing and call scripts that guide agents during their phone conversations with prospects.

In addition, it offers progressive dialers that reduce agent’s time spent on manual phone calls and social media tools that help them locate potential customers before engaging with them over the phone.

CallPro CRM could double your call rate, which makes it a great choice for outbound sales teams. It also features specialized marketing and performance tools that track operational metrics, automate lead generation and optimize the entire process to boost revenue in your call center.


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