The 10 best country songs of all time

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To this day, country music is loved, loved and cherished by many around the world. It is the authenticity and warmth that attracts country music fans. Some old country songs are still some of my favorites.King of Roads by Roger Miller

This country song was published in 1965. The song talks about hobbies and nomadic life. The song won Grammy Awards in 1965 for Best Contemporary Rock ‘n Role Single, Best Country, Country and Western, Best Country and Best contemporary.

I Can’t Stop Loving You By Ray Charles

This national history was published in The song won a Grammy Award for Best Rhythm and Blues Performance in 1962.

I’m so lonely I could cry, by Hank WilliamsThis country song was released in 1944. The song was inspired by Williams ’difficult marriage to Audrey Shepard. In 1966, it reached number 43 on the Billboard singles chart.Patsy Cline’s Crazy

Originally written by country singer Willie Nelson, the song became a hit in 1961. Aggie reappeared in 1990 singing Patsy Cline and reached number 14 on the music charts.

 Always Loved You by Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton wrote this theory for a close friend, Porter Wagner, who co-starred in a television show where she was known for her duets. This is the second in a series of five country hits that Parton eventually reached as a solo artist. Parton recorded another version, and it immediately became the first book to top the country charts.Stand next to your wife Tammy Lynette

The song was written with producer and songwriter Billy Sherrill. This song is about women being faithful and supporting their husbands, even in the worst of times. The song topped the UK charts in 1975.

Johnny Steel Fire Ring

Merle Kilgore and her husband June Carter-Cash wrote the story. This pagalworld song is about how Carter feels about Cash.

Top 8-Forever and Ever, author of Amen Randy Travis The singer won a Grammy Award in 1988 for a performance in Best Male Country Vocal.Best – Willie Nelson will always be remembered

It was written by three musicians, Wayne Carson Thompson, Mark James and Johnny Christopher. The song is about a man who doesn’t open up about his feelings for the woman he loves. In 1982 he was named Maloti’s bachelor of the year.


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