The 4K Projector that will change your Life

The 4K ultra short throw projectors are the hottest thing in the world of projection. These visual displays sit directly under the movie screen so they don’t need the room size required by a common projector. These high-tech projectors are inaugurated by laser light sources, and they are also devised to be a television advancement, which is why they are sometimes named as laser TVs. They are designed to be used as television which is why they are extra bright and built to run in even well-lit settings. Making a home theater is an amazing way to create a joyful atmosphere. It makes for extra space for when you have extra guests in the house, when there is a big match going on, or when you are just longing for a family movie night. So, the 4K home cinema projectors are a must-have!

Make your life Compact and Convenient

The best 4K projectors are available at which is the official Xiaomi store and is renowned for its most affordable prices with authentic and high-quality tech products. If you want to enjoy a wide display with your friends, relatives or colleagues then buy ultra-short throw projectors for a realistic and sharp picture. The My Laser Projector 150″ proves to be a massive screen for your home. It has an ALPD® 3.0 display which provides precise color presentation. You will not experience the common blurry effect, as the percentage of the red light ratio is as high as 16-18%. This will bring a bright and intense picture right before your eyes. Now arrange an immense 80- 150″, your own private bedroom projector where you can enjoy shows, games, and movies in the comfort of your bed! The best short throw projector 4k can be placed on top of a tv cabinet together with a 100″ anti-glare screen for vivid color reproduction. This is a new possibility to redefine your imagination of a home theatre.

Are 4K projectors worth it?

Yes, laser projectors are worth it due to their exceptional specs and large displays with rich colorful 4K resolutions. Their light source features a brightness of over 5000 lumens and a picture brightness of 1600 ANSI lumens. The 4k laser projectors are designed with an ultra-short throw ratio of I.233:1 for a large depth of field. It distributes with the inconveniently long distances needed for conventional projectors. You can easily place it only 24cm away and it will create an extra-large picture. The significant benefit of these projectors is that you don’t need to face any wiring hassles or big storage areas to keep them. They occupy no space and the cover is also not required. You can carry them wherever you want!

Experience Unbeatable Audio System

It not only renders an immense display but you will also experience an unbelievable sound quality as clear as the original. The 4K projectors support custom Audio, Dolby virtual sound, MIUI TV source, and high-end interface format. They combine dual full range plus dual high-frequency speakers for a profound stereo sound. The audio system also works with uniquely designed bass-reflex speakers, which emit sound waves from inside the speaker case for more intense volume! These features enable you to have a clear understanding of tv programs or whatever happens in the movie even if the room is noisy! It will be so immersive that you will feel as if you are part of the movie whether it is a fighting scene or a raining sound.

Open Doors to Innovations!

The projectors are so amazing that you will think as if you are watching a dream! Just speak and it will bring the right content in from of your eyes with AI voice commands. Press and hold the remote control voice key and tell Google Assistant what are you looking for. Moreover, the light source of these projectors have an extra long lifespan of 25000 hours! For instance, if you use it for 4 hours per day, then it can last for up to 17 years. Another shocking benefit is that they have numerous connection options, for example, hard drive players, USB drives, game consoles, tv boxes and speakers all be connected. With the use of projectors, you can also get relaxed due to the fact that it has a smaller and more compact body which gives you peace of mind and watching lengthy movies that are projected onto a wall definitely reduce the harm caused to human eyes by direct rays of TV screen. In this way, you can protect the eyes of young children who have already sensitive eyesight.

Layout and Design

You can spend long hours of entertainment without worrying that it will heat up! The temperature remains controlled because of the built-in fan which expells the excessive heat from the projector leading to a greater efficiency of the machine! The exterior is also very classy which looks good when placed in your living rooms. The case is made of sandblasted Pc material that prevents finger prints resulting in a luxurious feel the whole day. Its rounded corners not only look elegant but also act as a safety feature for children. So what else do you need? Buy best 4K projectors from and use them in your daily routine. It can be widely used in schools and colleges to educate students with the help of digital demonstrations in this fast-growing World. You can get 1 month warranty plus 1 month free subscription of StarzPlay also from

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