The 5 Most Important Things to Look for When Hiring a Roofer in Bloomington MN

Bloomington MN roofers come in all shapes and sizes, each with their own claims of being the best at what they do. If you’re searching for a roofer in Bloomington MN, it’s important to understand that just because they have many years of experience doesn’t mean you’ll be satisfied with the job they do – or that they’ll even do the job! So, how do you choose? Here are five of the most important things to look for when hiring a roofer in Bloomington MN.

Check the roofer’s license

With all the roofing companies out there, it can be hard to know who is trustworthy and qualified. To help you decide, here are five things that any reputable roofer should have: A license from the state of Minnesota or the city where they work. Workers’ roofer Bloomington MN insurance coverage and public liability insurance with limits of at least million per incident -Proof of roofing contractor’s license if applicable (look for a RC after their name) -Proof of current general liability insurance if working on residential roofs, with minimum limits of million per occurrence and aggregate (look for GL)

Make sure the roofer is insured

One of the most important things that homeowners should look for is the roofer’s insurance. A reputable and established roofing company will not only have insurance, but they will also be able to provide you with information on their coverage limits. Roofers are required by law to carry liability insurance and workers compensation. Liability insurance covers them if someone falls off their roof or if there is damage on your property due to something that went wrong during work. Workers compensation protects them from injury while on the job.  Most reputable contractors require their employees carry commercial general liability and workers comp policies, so these are usually not issues when it comes down to choosing a roofing company in Bloomington MN.

Ask the roofer for references

Roofing companies aren’t all created equal. That’s why it’s important that you ask about their references and look for these five things when hiring one: Do they offer full guarantees? -Do they have insurance? -Do they have the proper licenses and permits? -Is there an experience level on their team? -Do they use quality materials?

Get a written estimate

Asking for an estimate from a reputable roofing company is one of the best ways to go about hiring one. If you take your time and get your estimates, you will be able to compare rates and find the best deal. The five most important things that you want to look for when hiring a roofer are:

Ask for references and call them up

  • Get multiple estimates
  • Check reviews online or on the BBB website
  • Make sure they have liability insurance coverage
  • Ensure they have experience with your type of roof

Check the warranty

Roofing companies should offer a warranty on their work, and this will protect you from shoddy workmanship. It’s important that the roofing company Bloomington MN has been around long enough to show they’re reputable, so be sure they have references and testimonials. Ask about the types of materials they use, such as what is the lifespan of asphalt shingles? These are all things you should ask before making your final decision.


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