The Advanced Method All Basketball Stars Use

The Advanced Method All Basketball Stars Use
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How many times have you picked up an NBA superstar’s autobiography, hoping to learn about their methods for becoming the best? Unfortunately, there’s usually only a very small section devoted to training, and you’re left with nothing but your own conclusions from observing their play. Fortunately, I’m here to tell you what they don’t want you to know secret method all basketball stars use that will take your game to the next level. Do you know how many basketball players on a basketball team? Here’s what it is


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The first step of the advanced method is to identify what you want to accomplish. This might be a move, a certain shot, or any other skill that you want to perfect. The next step is to break down how you will achieve your goal and then practice it in order to master it. This can involve breaking down the steps into short, achievable goals, as well as practicing each step until it becomes a habit. Finally, this method involves doing drills that focus on the areas that need improvement. These drills should be hard enough so that they push you but not too difficult so that they are discouraging.

Advanced basketball stars use this method in order to get better at their game and increase their skills.


The advanced method of shooting a basketball is often the difference between playing in college and playing professionally. The most important thing to remember is that there is no one way to shoot a ball. Each player has their own shooting style and go-to moves, but we are going to focus on the basics. With that said, let’s begin with the grip. For right-handed shooters, put your fingers on top of the ball with your index finger just below the center of your palm.

Footwork & Agility

The basketball court is their playground, and the advanced method is what they use to get the job done. Their footwork and agility are on a level that most people can only dream of. With an explosive first step, they can create separation from the defender and space to take the shot or drive to the hoop. They’re able to change directions in an instant with quick crossovers and pivots, which help them get free for open shots or layups. The way they move around the court is so fluid it’s mesmerizing- it’s like watching poetry in motion. It doesn’t matter who you are; if you have a dream of playing at this level someday, these are the moves you need to be practicing every single day.


The advanced method is a tried and true way to play basketball. This post will describe the basics of the advanced method, then give you some tips on how to incorporate this basketball technique into your game. The advanced method can help you become more efficient with your shots and allow you to be more aggressive with your moves.


1) Play with people who you like and who have similar skill levels. 2) Have a plan before taking on a play so you know what everyone will do. 3) Constantly communicate with your team so that everyone knows what’s going on. 4) Put in some work on your ball-handling skills because it will make you more valuable to the team. 5) Practice passing so you can lead drives, set up screens, and make good passes out of the post.


The advanced method allows for a player’s stamina to increase exponentially. The advanced method has three parts: warm-up, workout, and cooling down. In the warm-up section of the routine, you should stretch your muscles and do some light stretches to get ready for the workout. The workout is where you put your body through intense conditioning like running sprints or doing burpees. Finally, in the cool-down section, you should do some light stretching before going home to recover from the intense workout session.

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