The beautiful Kashmir tour


Concerning Kashmir Tourism 

Kashmir is a fantastic vacation spot that should be visited once in a lifetime because of its quiet settings, breathtaking views, and unspoiled environment. 

A family vacation or honeymoon in India should be planned in Kashmir tour. A family vacation or honeymoon in Kashmir is a magnificent experience thanks to the scenic Gulmarg, Srinagar, Pahalgam, and Sonmarg. Even the well-known Amarnath Cave, which draws Lord Shiva’s fervent worshippers from all over the world, is located in Kashmir.


While Srinagar’s lovely Dal and Nigeen lakes provide a chance to enjoy a houseboat stay and a Shikara ride, alpine lakes like Tarsar Marsar, Vishnasar, and Gadsar Lakes beckon adventure seekers in search of the best hiking opportunities. Nothing compares to the experience of skiing in Gulmarg during the winter for more heart-pounding exhilaration. 

We provide the greatest information on the must-see locations, activities to do, places to stay, the ideal time to visit, reasonably priced Kashmir tour packages, and other areas of Kashmir tourism in our Kashmir travel guide. Your time in Kashmir with us will be one you’ll never forget.

When to Visit Kashmir at its Best?

Kashmir’s summer months (March through June, 15°C to 30°C) 

Kashmir’s most popular season is summer because of the welcoming morning and evening temperatures. Both Dal Lake and Nigeen Lake provide shikhara rides. It is best to reserve your tour far in advance because Kashmir’s hotels and resorts are typically full at this time. 

Kashmir’s monsoon season (July to September, 13° to 17°C) 

In Kashmir, the monsoon season runs from July through August, when the area experiences rain. Everything in Kashmir turns gorgeous and lush green during the monsoon season. The best time to see apple picking in Kashmir is around August.

Kashmir’s winter season (October to February, -2°C to 12°C) 

The best time to see snowfall in Kashmir is from November to February. During this time, honeymooners frequently visit, and skiing is available in Gulmarg.

How do you get to Kashmir? 

Via Air, Kashmir is regularly connected to other significant Indian cities by flights from Srinagar’s Sheikh ul-Alam International Airport. Additionally, it is the route most tourists choose to take to get to Kashmir. 

Via train 

There isn’t a railroad station in Srinagar right now; the closest one is in Jammu Tawi, which is about 300 kilometers distant. The construction of the Kashmir railways is ongoing, and soon Kashmir will also have direct train access. 

Bus routes NH 1 and NH 44 connect Kashmir with India’s major cities.


With its tranquility, Kashmir provides first-rate lodging alternatives that provide travelers with excellent service. The hotels and resorts in Kashmir, which range in price from cheap to luxurious, provide first-rate services and guarantee that your stay will be enjoyable and unforgettable. The hotels and resorts in all of Kashmir Valley’s tourist locations make the promise to provide you with total relaxation, whether you’re seeking a historical experience, a mountain getaway, or a natural rendezvous.

Top Activities in Kashmir 

The unmatched beauty of Kashmir provides visitors with a variety of activities. Shikara rides in Srinagar, hiking to alpine lakes, winter skiing in Gulmarg, and river rafting in Pahalgam are just a few of the tourist activities available in Kashmir that make a trip there enjoyable. 

The Dachigam National Park is a great place for nature enthusiasts to see Himalayan wildlife. Kashmir offers worshippers the chance to make pilgrimages because it is the location of the well-known Amarnath Cave and the glittering Hazratbal Shrine.

The food of Kashmir 

In addition to being aesthetically beautiful, Kashmir also delights the palate with mouthwatering cuisine. Although rice has been the traditional meal of Kashmir since ancient times, the region also contains a wide variety of other mild-tasting, flavorful foods that are especially well-seasoned with saffron. As a result of the Mughals’ considerable impact on Kashmiri cuisine, the main meats used in this region’s dishes include chicken, mutton, and fish.

The popular cuisine of Kashmir, such as Yakhni Pulao, Tabak Maaz, Matschgand, Goshtaba, Riste Meatballs, Shab Deg, Lyader Tschaman, Aab Gosht, Rogan Josh, Harissa, and Wazwan, must be sampled by visitors before they leave (a multi-course meal in Kashmiri Tradition). In addition to these, one should sample Kashmir’s distinctive drinks, such as Kashmiri Kahwa, and Noon Chai, also known as Shir Chai or Gulabi Chai.

Kashmir’s Tourist Attractions 

Kashmir, which is covered in pristine nature, is home to several well-known tourist destinations that are ideal for those organizing a family trip, a vacation with friends, a pilgrimage tour, an adventure, or a honeymoon. One can take a Shikara ride or experience a unique stay in a houseboat at Srinagar’s Dal and Nigeen Lakes, two of Kashmir Tourism’s most well-liked attractions. The best trekking experiences are provided by the stunning alpine lakes including Tarsar Marsar, Gadsar, and Vishnasar.

Then there are additional attractions like Sonmarg’s Thajiwas Glacier, Pahalgam’s apple orchards and Lidder River, Gulmarg’s ski slopes and cable car, and the Dachigam National Park close to Srinagar. 

Devotees from near and far can make pilgrimages to religious locations in Kashmir like Amarnath Cave, Shankaracharya Temple, Charar-e-Sharief, Hazratbal Shrine, and Baba Reshi Shrine, which are all located in scenic settings.

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