The Beginners Guide to Ruby on Rails Development Company

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In this age of digitization where every industry and enterprise is implementing web-based solutions to stand with the current market demands, the demand for good developers rises as well. Thankfully, we don’t have to rely only on the in-house team but can outsource teams depending on the project. Startups and businesses can hire a Ruby on Rails development company to build their web-based projects on a contract.

Ruby on Rails provides fast and efficient development to web-based applications and helps startups to build their MVPs under tight deadlines. Hiring developers from Ruby on Rails Development Company can be an effective solution for you. Read the blog for the comprehensive guide that you should go through before Ruby on Rails developers for your business.

Why Should You Outsource Ruby on Rails Development?

Reduce Cost

Working with Ruby on Rails Development Company denotes that you only pay for what you want, as opposed to full-time employees. Based on the region of the outsourced team, you may also get a lower price for the required work. However, make sure while looking for low prices, you don’t hire undertrained staff.

Access to Top Quality Developers

The most apparent advantage of Ruby on Rails Development Company is that they already consist of a team of people from different cultures and regions. Hence, you are getting a pool of talent across the globe.

Scale As Per You Like

In addition, access to raw Ruby on Rails talent will be increasing on-demand. However, for your project, you can scale up or down your team as per the product and market demands.

Meet your Business Priorities

As you outsource services or developers from Ruby on Rails Development Company, you get more time to invest in your other business goals. You can rest assured about the developmental issues or team management.

Start Quicker

The partnership with Ruby on Rails development company not only takes all the development burden off your shoulders so you can focus on your business outcomes but also hit the ground running with all their expertise and resulting in a faster development cycle and cost-effective results.

When Should You Consider a Ruby on Rails development company?

It is ideal to hire a Ruby on Rails development company in the following cases.


Searching and recruiting technical experts can be a costly and time-consuming procedure. It gets stressful when you are a new startup trying to build your base and get your product out in the market. Because of its rapid development process, Ruby on Rails has become a popular choice among startups. The framework is viable for building the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and allows you to release a product smoothly, get early reviews, iterate, and onboard the initial users. It is also cost-friendly and helps with tight budgets because of the huge library base that makes it suited for huge projects, its concise code base, and its ability to work with complicated backends, and large databases and create data security.


MVPs (minimum viable products)

You can recruit a Ruby on Rails development company to build your MVPs as the Ruby language is both cost-effective and quick. Before creating completely working apps, you can use this language to generate prototypes, iterate changes, and build a robust backend with secure channels.  

eCommerce Platforms

Many e-commerce websites such as Shopify and Airbnb use Ruby as their primary backend programming language. Reason? Ruby has flexibility, is highly scalable, adaptable, has a concise syntax, can handle multiple functions at once, and rapid expansion, and has a low price which makes it perfect for the job.

Social Networking Apps

Ruby has the capacity to sustain traffic-heavy websites and web apps, Ruby is most suitable for social networking applications where traffic can surge anytime. Twitter’s whole backend was written in Ruby on Rails. Hiring a Ruby on Rails development company can provide an excellent foundation for your project.

Steps To Consider When You Hire Ruby on Rails Development Company

Define Your Goals

Firstly, you must have a clear understanding of the task ahead. It will help you in selecting the proper company and collaboration approach. You need to have full clarity about the scope of the project, technical and software requirements, how many developers are required, budget, etc.

Select a Reputable Ruby on Rails Development Company

Here are some tips that you should check before you look for a Ruby on Rails Development Company for partnership:

  • See that the prospect company holds rich experience, accreditations, certifications, expert developers, and a portfolio of a variety of projects.
  • Have a look at their case studies to ensure they are authentic and trustworthy.
  • Read their testimonials, and reviews in goodfirms and clutch.
  • Ensure that they follow systematic principles and processes. For example- Agile methodology.

Sign a Contract

After selecting the prospect company, you can send them your requirements and discuss the deal. Tell them everything precisely so they can provide you with optimal solutions. Interview their developers if you want to. After you trust them to onboard, make sure that your partnered Ruby on Rails development company signs a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with you for the protection of authentication and privacy.


With this, I am sure you can select a good Ruby on Rails Development Company for your project. It sure looks like a simple process but is not easy. Don’t worry, many companies are out there to help you in every possible way. Just like Optymize. Optymize is a Ruby on Rails Development Company whose expert developers help you in building a scalable, customizable and user-friendly app. Contact for any consultation and to hire developers

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