The Benefits of Purchasing an Apartment over a House


You’ve made the decision that 2022 will be the year you finally buy your family its own place, a goal you’ve been longing to realize. You naturally think to yourself: “Do I purchase a home or an apartment? Is it just a matter of budget, or are there other aspects I should take into account? Which choice will be the best?”

Keep reading if you identify with what we’ve said since we’ve compiled some crucial arguments for why purchasing an apartment is the best course of action.


A crucial factor is the ability to purchase an apartment more easily than a home not only offers a certain economic advantage but also increases your options for living in in-demand downtown neighborhoods. You will find it simpler to reside in central neighborhoods like San Isidro and Magdalena when choosing to purchase an apartment, which will help your lifestyle by having everything close by. Do not forget that purchasing an apartment is a wise investment. Your property will hold or rise in value over time, allowing you to recoup your investment.

Effective interiors

It is not just a euphemism; it is the truth. Real estate companies like ICASA pay close attention to the architecture of their flats because they understand how crucial it is to divide space effectively. This makes it simpler for people to arrange and maintain order. And most importantly: family life is more prevalent in smaller spaces.

Typical places and their upkeep

Your residence won’t just be your apartment. You and your family will be able to use and enjoy many common amenities when residing in buildings like those of ICASA, including grilling areas, internal patios, playgrounds for your kids, conference rooms, and co-working spaces so that you can telework without any issues. You will have a nice place to call home, and the other building owners will share in the cost of maintaining it much more affordable.


In contrast to living in a house, where you would need to worry about making investments to secure the entire perimeter, install security cameras, and/or pay security professionals, in an apartment this crucial service is already provided and of the highest caliber. A person can only enter with the consent of an owner after being registered by the cameras and identified in the lobby from the moment they enter the building. You and your family can live quietly.

More cost-effective consumption

With all the qualities listed above, you can see that the upkeep cost is very affordable when you consider the services and space that are offered. Less power, water, and gas will be used in your apartment. Similar to how the upkeep of common facilities, security services, and other expenses will be affordable when shared among all the owners.

A preferred viewpoint

It is crucial to emphasize this despite the fact that it only applies to people who purchase apartments on high levels because of the significant benefit it indicates and the fact that you can only take advantage of it from one property. Just picture waking up on a summer day, opening the windows, and looking out at the city beneath a gorgeous sky. A fantastic way to begin the day.

Learn about our brand-new apartments for sale!

Launching Live with your family in a crucial and essential region of Magdalena is the MADDY Project. From 50 m2 to 93 m2, our project offers apartments with 1, 2, and 3 rooms. Additionally, it features amazing communal spaces, like a co-working space, an interior patio, a kids’ play area, and a barbeque area, where families can spend priceless moments together without leaving the building.

Project 732 Carriquiry is currently being built.

Purchase a residence in San Isidro and take advantage of everything positive that occurs there. With spacious terraces and interior rooms, our project provides. Apartments for rent in Palm Bay range in size from 75 to 88 square meters and have two and three rooms.. The co-working area is stunning, and the finishes are superb.

San Marten Project 514: Ready for delivery

A move to the Smart City’s center. Apartments in our development range in size from 75 to 88 square meters and have two and three rooms. It also provides plenty of conference space and a BBQ area.

How to purchase your first apartment, step by step.

We assist you in buying your first residence. Use these pointers to make your investment in the safest possible manner. You’ve finally discovered the perfect apartment after extensive searching, opening countless real estate tabs, speaking with agents on the phone several times, and traveling all around the city. The time has come to begin the purchasing procedure. Congratulations! There is a significant sum of money to be spent on the property acquisition. As a result, you must thoroughly analyze your financial status to prevent endangering your country’s economy. Although this step is quite emotional, you must plan well to complete the procedure smoothly. There are various procedures you can follow to complete this in a systematic manner. We assist you in buying your first residence. Use these pointers to make your investment in the safest possible manner.

1. Examine your lending alternatives

It is crucial that you fully educate yourself on all of your alternatives if you plan to acquire your apartment with a mortgage loan. You must be aware of all the requirements, terms, and advantages that each financial institution extends to you. Because of this, ICASA allows you to finance through the bank of your choosing. By doing this, you can guarantee that you’ll use the credit that will best help you buy the apartment of your dreams.

2. Recognize your capacity to pay.

Once you are aware of the interest rate and the minimum loan amount for your mortgage, you may perform calculations based on your income to determine your ability to make payments. Determine how much you must set aside from your paycheck each month to cover the department charge. Also keep in mind that, in order to avoid jeopardizing your financial condition, neither your debts nor your savings should total more than 30% of your income.

3. Seek advice from a real estate agent

Purchasing the apartment of your dreams may be a taxing, tiresome, and perplexing process. So, you can approach a real estate agent in our sales room, who will direct, counsel, and assist you while you look for and acquire your apartment. It will significantly lighten your load.

4. The search for a for-sale residence has begun.

Having thoroughly investigated your financial possibilities. It’s time to start that long-awaited quest right away. Look for apartments in the neighborhood where you want to reside that have the features you are looking for in a home. As an illustration, we have three excellent project possibilities. One is the San Isidro 732 Carriquiry building, which has residences ranging in size from 90 m2 to 296 m2 and features 1, 2, or 3 bedrooms. The Financial Center is 10 minutes away, and there are green spaces nearby. Our 514 San Marten projects, located in the center of Magdalena del Mar, are an additional choice. These apartments range in size from 70 m2 to 88 m2, and they have two or three bedrooms. Which enjoys a prime location and a stunning sea view. Additionally, our most recent property, MADDY in Magdalena, is perfect for young families or single people looking for their first apartment with 1, 2, or 3 bedrooms.

5. Carefully consider your options.

After carefully examining every departmental option, you should carefully examine every feature. From the property’s location, common areas, construction style, finishes, and other factors. For instance, ICASA has a competitive advantage in the market thanks to our buildings’ integrated construction system. This guarantees the creation of a durable, modern, and flexible apartment to meet your demands.

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