The Best Five Nights At Freddy’s Fan Games

Sinister Turmoil Sewers

The Cupcake observes you from sinister turbulence sewers.
Sinister Turmoil Sewers by ANGUs-GAMEs is an incredible glimpse of what could have been, as only a demo was ever released before the project was cancelled. The demo, however, is sufficient to convey how captivating the entire experience is intended to be. The player explores a vast sewer system to maintain generators while avoiding a rabid Mangle and his snitching friend Cupcake. Even though there are only two animatronics to contend with, Mangle charges through the tunnels at heart-stopping speeds, making him a formidable opponent. Trust us, Mangle is sufficient.

Dayshift At Freddy’s: Remastered

Dayshift at Freddy’s was produced by DirectDoggo Retro Bowl. Remastered is less of a horror video game and more of a visual novel parody. In this game, which is clearly exhausted by the solemn tones of its official counterpart, there is plenty to do and even more to make fun of. Visually, the game is comprised of a collection of stock images and memes that have been spliced together to create something amusing and (hopefully) ironically terrible. There are eleven distinct endings to discover, along with a cast of recognizable characters to taunt and tease. Proceed; observe what transpires and who survives!

Super FNAF

Super Five Nights at Freddy’s is a beautifully polished pixelated sidescrolling adventure game developed by LSFDevelopment in which the player controls the animatronics from FNAF 1 instead of the “helpless” security guard. The objective of the game is to investigate cases of missing children… as the children themselves. Super FNAF is meticulously crafted, features sidequests, mini-games, and even a free-play mode, and gracefully carries the weight of nostalgia for a vanishing game style with more sophistication than a story about dead children piloting furry mechs ought to.

Tyke & Sons Lumber Co

Tyke & Sons Lumber Co, created by Mixlas, is the ideal meta-nonsense to sustain a fan community long after its creator has passed away. The game is based on Scott Cawthon’s pre-FNAF work, specifically Chipper & Sons Lumber Co, a Christian video game, but quickly devolves into a full horror experience as the player battles the very monsters that Cawthon’s original games were criticized for containing. Once you realize what you’re doing and the sun sets, T&SLC plays exactly like a typical FNAF game. As the game progresses, the atrocities that plague the nighttime gameplay begin to invade the daytime…


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