The Best Manga Channels to Watch Anime

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Last updated on October 13th, 2022 at 01:42 pm

If you want to find out what manga is currently sweeping the world, you’ve come to the right place. This list includes manga channels that offer reviews and analysis of various manga series, including ForneverWorld and King of Lightning. Whether you’re a long-time manga fan or just a newcomer, there’s something for everyone.


The ForneverWorld manga channel is one of the best-watched manga channels on YouTube. It mainly features reviews of chapter manga and anime. However, it also occasionally reviews weekly anime series. It has over 500,000 subscribers and over 300 million views.

Chibi reviews

Chibi Reviews is a YouTube channel that analyzes anime and manga series. The channel has nearly 181,000 subscribers and has more than 80 million views. It is a United States-based channel that reviews anime and manga. The channel also features live reactions.

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King of Lightning

King of Lightning is a manga channel on YouTube that has over 120,000 subscribers. It started out in 2011 with a Dragon Ball Z video. Since then, its content has expanded to include a variety of other manga series. The channel is run by Chris, who is known for his passionate reviews. He is also known for his harsh opinions.


If you’re into ASMR and manga, there are many great ASMR manga channels on YouTube. Some of these channels specialize in certain types of sounds. For example, the Amouranth ASMR channel focuses on panting moans and other sounds that make you feel aroused and pleasurable. Other ASMR manga channels feature a wider variety of sounds and have different themes.


If you love watching anime, you can find several channels dedicated to the Naruto manga series. If you’re a fan of this series, you might be wondering what the best manga channels are to watch this anime. Well, you’re in luck. You can now watch it on your television!

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The Oishinbo manga series has been on the air in Japan since 1988. Initially broadcast on Nippon TV, the series follows a team of culinary journalists. After the anime series ended, two television specials were released: Oishinbo: Ultimate VS Supreme and Oishinbo: Japan-US Rice War.

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My Brother’s Husband

If you’re looking for a new manga series to read, consider My Brother’s Husband, a Japanese domestic dramedy series. The story revolves around the relationship between a single father and his daughter, as well as a Canadian man who married Ryoji’s twin brother. The series begins on March 4 and you can read it in the comfort of your own home on a variety of streaming services.

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