The Best Places To Buy A Small Yacht In Norway

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Last updated on October 22nd, 2022 at 06:24 pm

If you’re looking for a small yacht to buy in Norway, we’ve got you covered! This article is filled with helpful tips on where to go, what to consider and what questions to ask when shopping around for the best price.

What is the Best Place to Buy a Small Yacht in Norway?

Norway is a great place to buy a small yacht. There are many places to purchase a boat, from large maritime stores to smaller municipal harbour offices. Some popular locations for buying yachts in Norway include Oslo, Bergen, Tromsø and Kristiansand. buy boat Norway

The best way to find the right boat is to visit several locations and look at the different boats on display. It’s also important to consider your budget and what type of boat you want. Some popular types of small yachts in Norway include fishing boats, cruiser yachts and racing yachts.

Another thing to consider is the location of the boat you’re looking for. You’ll want to choose a location that has good access to both open water and ports. Finally, be sure to ask around for advice before making your purchase – there are many people who know about boats in Norway!

The Three Different Types of Yachts in Norway

Norway is a popular yachting destination due to its beautiful scenery and mild weather, which makes sailing an enjoyable experience all year round. There are three main types of yachts that can be found in Norway: cruising yachts, racing yachts, and fishing boats. Small yachts for sale

Cruising yachts are typically large vessels that are used for leisurely cruising around the Norwegian coastline or inland waterways. They can range in size from small Hunters to large luxury cruisers. Racing yachts are designed for speed and competition, and many Norwegians use them for annual competitions such as the Stavanger Yacht Race. Fishing boats tend to be smaller and more versatile than either cruising or racing yachts, and they are popular among fishermen who want something that is easy to operate but also capable of carrying a heavy load.

Buying A Used Yacht

If you’re looking for a yacht to cruise around Norway’s stunning coastline, there are a few places you can check out.

One option is to look online at websites like or Boat Trader. These websites allow you to search for used yachts based on various criteria, such as size or price. Once you’ve found a boat that meets your needs, it’s time to contact the seller.

Be sure to ask the seller about the boat’s history and whether there are any defects or problems with it. Also, be sure to ask about warranty coverage and maintenance plans. If everything looks good and the seller is willing to cooperate, you can go ahead and make an offer.

If you don’t have enough money to buy outright, consider leasing a yacht instead. Some rental companies in Norway offer monthly leases of small yachts for people who want to enjoy the country’s waterways without having to spend a lot of money up front.

Buying A New Yacht

Norway has a wide range of small yachts to choose from, perfect for those looking for a luxury vessel without breaking the bank. There are many reputable dealers and yacht brokers throughout the country, so finding the perfect boat is easy. Here are some tips on how to buy a small yacht in Norway:

1. Research The Options Before You Begin Shopping For A Yacht

There are many different types of small yachts to choose from, so it can be overwhelming to start shopping. It’s important to do your research and find the right boat for you. Consider what type of sailing you want to do, the size of the yacht, and the features you need.

2. Meet With The Dealer Or Broker And Take A Tour Of The Boat

Once you have a general idea of what you’re looking for, meet with the dealer or broker and take a tour of the boat. This will help you get a better feel for how it would fit into your lifestyle and what features are important to you. Be sure to ask about any potential discounts or special offers that may be available!

3. Negotiate The Price And Terms Of The Boat Purchase

Once you’ve had a chance to look at all of the options and decide which boat is best for you, negotiate the price and terms of purchase. Many dealers offer flexible financing options that can let you get started right away without having to put down a large down payment upfront.

How Much Does it Cost to Buy a Yacht in Norway?

When you’re ready to buy a yacht in Norway, there are a few things to keep in mind. The cost of a yacht will vary depending on the size and type of yacht, but on average expect to pay between $350,000 and $1 million.

For most people, buying a yacht in Norway means chartering it out for weekends or weeklongs. Charter prices can range from about $50,000 per day for a small yacht up to more than $1 million per week for a large luxury vessel. However, there are also many private sellers who offer yachts for sale outright. The price of an outright purchase will depend on the size and type of yacht, but generally expect to pay between $750,000 and $2 million.


If you’re looking for a secluded getaway on the water, Norway might be the perfect place for you. From small islands to vast fjords, there are plenty of options when it comes to buying a yacht in Norway. However, make sure you do your research so that you don’t end up spending too much money on something that isn’t suitable for your needs. Here are some tips to help guide your search.

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