The Best Standing Desks You Can Buy In New Zealand (2023)

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Is a sit-stand desk worth the money?

The benefit of standing rather than sitting is that it is much easier to maintain proper spinal alignment, which lessens the load on your muscles. For instance, rising up straighter naturally activates your abdominal muscles, ensuring proper spinal alignment and proper usage of your back and neck muscles.

What does a good standing desk cost?

Desks with manual height adjustment typically cost between $100 and $400. These desks often have the lowest weight capacities, and because the manual adjustment is cumbersome, it’s tougher to enjoy them. Standing desks with pneumatic height adjustment typically cost between $300 and $1500.

The Best Standing Desks You Can Buy

Frames of Excellence

QUIET, Quick, and strong
You can transition between the sit stand desk positions with the Stand Desk PRO frame in no time at all, moving at an incredible 80mm per second. Compared to comparable standing desks in New Zealand, it is twice as quick.

Performance of the sit-stand Desk

The performance of the Stand Desk frames is “best in class” thanks to their strong dual motors, three-stage legs, integrated anti-collision technology, low noise levels of under 45 DB, and soft start/stops. Users between the heights of 5’0 and 6’8 will fit the 64-127cm height range. At all heights, the Stand Desk frames are designed to be rock solid and wobble-free.

SIT-STAND Schedule

The Stand Workstation app, which connects to your desk through Bluetooth, allows you to control your stand desk. The software lets you design personalized sit/stand schedules that serve as a reminder of when to stand up and when to sit. To switch between your sitting and standing postures, the Stand Desk app also offers simple voice commands through Siri and Google Assistant.

The system for Cable Management is standard

All varieties of the sit-stand desk come included with an “easy-access” integrated wire management tray, unlike all other standing desk retailers in New Zealand. Recessed cable channels are used on all under-desk cables to keep them out of sight.

Wireless Charging Built-In

Easy device charging on the desk
An integrated 10W wireless charger is standard equipment for the Stand Desk PRO. This entails that you can eliminate cumbersome wires by placing your wireless charging-capable gadget in a specific location on the desktop while your phone charges.

Environmentally responsible

Stand Desk is dedicated to offering an eco-friendly product. This includes desktops made of FSC-certified sustainable birch, and bamboo from plantations, as well as solvent-free paints used in the powder-coated frames. In New Zealand, our frames have received Global Green Tag accreditation. Our packaging is biodegradable and recyclable to 98%. We are proud supporters of Forest & Bird, Sustainable Coastlines, Keep New Zealand Beautiful, Enviro, and members of 1% for the Planet.

How to choose the finest standing desk: What to look for

Surface substance

Almost all standing desks are available for purchase in a range of materials at prices to match. The least expensive desks typically have laminate surfaces, which are formed of a wood veneer over a core. Solid-core desks made of oak, maple, mahogany, or another type of wood will cost more. Desks made of bamboo fall somewhere in the center and are not only a wise compromise but also quite strong.


A standing desk has a larger tendency to wobble or tip over the higher you raise it, especially if you put a lot of heavy objects on it. If possible, try a standing desk out in person by lifting it to the highest setting and then swaying it back and forth to see how it functions.

The smallest and highest people

The height of the standing desk can be adjusted within this range. Better desks will have a greater range, but the difference is typically only a few inches on either end. The majority will fall between 25 and about 50 inches.

Weight support limit

You should be aware of your standing desk’s maximum supported weight if you want to utilize it to support more than just your computer (maybe you enjoy dancing on tables). Desks that are smaller and less expensive won’t be able to support as much weight as models that cost more.

Is it motorized or not?

What level of effort are you willing to put into adjusting the height of your standing desk? The vast majority of standing desks are motorized, so adjusting the desk’s height only requires pressing a button. You could want to consider a non-motorized desk if you want to save some money and don’t anticipate moving the desk about frequently. You will need to operate a hand crank on these. Although you won’t need arms like Arnold Schwarzenegger, you will still need to put in some effort.

Simple assembly

All you need is a screwdriver and a little perseverance to assemble a standing desk. All of the products we examined included the necessary Allen wrenches, screws, and user manuals. Even yet, some desks require less assembly than others, and most — especially those with bigger tops — will need a helping hand.

Choices for customization

The best standing desk manufacturers will provide a multitude of customization options in addition to surface size and material. These can include add-ons like cable-management trays, which are the one accessory you must purchase with a standing desk, as well as various controllers for raising and lowering the desk, various leg styles, and more.

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