The criteria for choosing the best SEO optimization company

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Do you need the advice and services of web professionals to set up a visibility strategy on the internet? You don’t really know how to choose an SEO optimization company that can support you throughout the project?

In France, there are many companies capable of improving the Google positioning of your site. Has many consultants capable of applying technical optimizations to your showcase site, e-commerce, and corporate blog Real experts! But be careful, some services are not always adapted to your needs. Increasing natural traffic (from search engines) is good. But the best thing is to get qualified traffic that will allow you to increase your turnover.

Rather than searching at all costs for the best SEO optimization company, we show you the concrete criteria to find the agency you need!

SEO is an ever-evolving field. The changes are numerous and it is a universe that can quickly seem very complex and opaque. This is why a large part of the work of the agency must be to be able to clearly explain the steps necessary for the proper referencing of the client site.

At seomarketingnerds we have chosen to explain everything to you and never leave you in the dark about what we are doing on your site. If this is possible and desired on your side, we collaborate as much as possible in order to leave you in control of your site and to involve you in the project. This allows you to build skills and become autonomous in managing key points for your business. The goal is not to make you dependent on the expertise of a web agency. We’re also not going to tell you that everything is going to be quick and easy if it’s not.

From the start we are very clear with you in terms of services and possibilities. Often, customers think that natural referencing is fast and expect visible results from the first achievements; it is up to the agency to explain in a realistic manner the deadlines within which it will be possible to expect the first beneficial effects. The role here is to support and reassure about what will be put in place. For example, we released several of our customers from penalties related to Google Penguin. However, as soon as we met, we told them that this mission was not easy and that everything we put in place was going in this direction. Some months later,

SEO goes through training and support

To allow you to master the main axes of referencing, our consultants provide you with continuous training in SEO (Search Engine Optimization), that is to say training in all actions to improve the visibility of a site on the web. .

This can be done individually with a dedicated consultant or collectively during training sessions that we organize throughout the year. We see every day that our clients, including beginners in SEO, are able to appropriate the principles of SEO to manage their sites themselves. Some don’t have the time or desire to get involved; however, they still appreciate getting to know this universe. For them, this is a significant asset that allows them to decipher the proposals of the agencies and to no longer be mere “spectators” and “payers” of sometimes vague services. This is a new deal for anyone who wants to improve their site without blindly delegating this task to an SEO optimization company


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