The custom sticker: an essential advertising tool for successful communication

An advertising sticker is an essential tool for a communication campaign. Whether transparent, white, or with micro-suction cups, it can be used indoors and outdoors. We help you choose the best.

This sticker has an adhesive front side, thanks to which professionals can stick it everywhere. Whether on a lamp post, a bench or a store window, the message can be conveyed to every street corner. But each person needs his sticker. So that of each professional is unique, we offer you, for all your customers, customized printing. Before choosing the form, the support and the visual, you must choose the type of sticker. This is why we are going to help you by presenting them to you.

How to choose the right advertising decal?

Advertising paper sticker the customized stickers are the large format stickers, in reduced form. And it comes in so many forms. The first and most economical is the paper sticker. It is the most widespread because it is the cheapest; unfortunately it is also the one that will deteriorate the fastest. But, the most used is still vinyl. The latter has many possibilities and it is durable. For a basic monomeric white vinyl, its lifespan varies between three and five years. If the sticker is to be stuck on a window, we recommend the monomer window sticker. Thanks to its self-adhesive front side, it is seen from the outside but stuck on the inside. This support is ideal for a store or an advertising car for example. It is very famous, because very practical. White vinyl also exists in polymer. The latter is ideal for people who want a long-lasting advertising tool (five to seven years).

Printing stickers in half-flesh range of slightly less basic stickers, we find the silver effect sticker. Visible and attractive, it is ideal for professionals who want to highlight their message or logo. If the sticker is to travel, you must opt ​​for the repositionable sticker. The latter has a system of micro-suction cups, which greatly facilitates its movement, without its quality deteriorating. Whatever the choice of sticker, we give the opportunity to print it on a half-flesh board. This technique makes it easy to remove the stickers from their sheet yourself. Thanks to this sheet, there is the possibility of not using all the stickers immediately. Professionals can very well get five and leave the rest for later. It’s a real time saver, since they won’t be scattered or lost.

Round sticker, inside sticker, outside sticker: what differences?

Starbucks advertising sticker there are many combinations to make the custom stickers. For them to fit into the establishment’s communication dynamics, they must stick to the brand’s image. Thus, the format should not be overlooked. In some forms, consumers may see a hidden message. The square and the rectangle are straight shapes, signifying calm. These formats will be ideal for companies, very structured events (such as congresses for example). It is used to give a serious look to the commercial sticker. For a more artistic side, it’s the round sticker who wins. It is an immediately positive image that will emerge from this type of sticker. It has been the most used since the dawn of time, because it is the most appreciated and the most enlisting. Depending on the needs of your customers, you can choose it from 3cm in diameter to 10cm in diameter.

For a little more fun, there is the round lace sticker. The latter is even more attractive and often used to return key information. It can for example be adopted for destocking or immediate promotion. You can also print heart -shaped stickers. He will simply convey love and envy. It will also be able to soften and arouse even more the curiosity of passers-by. It is ideal to use it to announce parties or for romantic restaurants. The latter will return a soft image, especially if the color is suitable.

Regardless of the model of sticker you choose, it will be very useful for you that it can be positioned outside as well as inside. For an interior sticker no worries, bad weather won’t damage it. For the exterior sticker, we recommend lamination. This technique consists of depositing a light film, shiny or matte, on the stickers. Whatever the shape, this approach will provide additional protection since it is ultra-resistant to UV and corrosion. Thus, even during heavy rains, the sticker will not move. Something to communicate in all situations.

Stickers and doming cards: original stickers

Self-adhesive card stickers Very attractive and original advertising tool, the self- adhesive card is a good compromise between the business card and the sticker. This urban tool adapts to all situations. The cards are ideal for professionals wanting to leave a message or coordinates on any surface. A technician on a boiler, a rental company on a car or a graphic designer on his book, can stick these adhesive cards. These are printed with a type of adhesive that facilitates the detachment of the protective film. Its predefined formats of classic shape, allow the self-adhesive card to adapt to all types of media and to give it a serious and singular aspect which is ideal for its usual use. It’s a very original and fun way to communicate.

Relief doming decals Bright, attractive and original, doming is a must-have product in your visual communication campaign. Also called bossing, it is perfect for highlighting promotional items. Its major asset is the curiosity it arouses among consumers: they have an irresistible desire to touch it. The resin, cast on the sticker, is polyurethane. The latter allows the doming to be not only shiny and transparent, but also very resistant. Thanks to this technique, the sticker is completely protected from scratches, dust and liquids. Doming is a commercial product of overflowing originality. Specially designed for a long duration, this support conveys the visual identity of the establishments.

Commercial stickers, for top communication

To be on top of the bill, all of a company’s communication media must look like it. The latter must be able to make an impression and arouse envy, among consumers and colleagues alike. This is why we propose to transform a type of support, originally banal, into something unique. To do this, you must choose the sticker that will stick best to the skin of your prospect and create it in his image. With the doming or the self-adhesive card you can design a complete kit for complete visual communication. It’s up to you to offer your prospects the stickers that will suit them with a customized print.


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