The Dangers of Nangs

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Nangs is not a psychoactive drug, so it is not considered a side effect. However, there are some long-term side effects to this drug. These include depletion of vitamins and minerals, psychosis, and long-term health risks. Read on to learn about the dangers of nangs and what you can do to minimize the risks.

Long-term health risks

A recent global drug survey found that nangs were the seventh most commonly consumed drug in the world, excluding tobacco, alcohol, and caffeine. These findings are not surprising, as the media often plays a role in creating public attitudes about drug use. For example, a 2013 study of 1,360 university students in New Zealand found that 12% of them had used nangs in the past year. They reported using two to six bulbs in a single session.

There are a number of long-term health risks associated with nitrous oxide use. The chemical is toxic to the central nervous system, which means that the brain cannot get enough oxygen. Heavy users may also develop a vitamin B12 deficiency, which causes memory loss and numbness in the body. Additionally, nangs can cause seizures, although these have only been reported when nangs were used with other drugs.

Depletion of vitamins

The depletion of vitamins as a side effect of nitrous oxide and alcohol is a serious health issue. People who have the MTHFR gene are at higher risk of suffering from this negative side effect. Many people do not know they have this gene, and many are unaware that it has been linked to alcohol abuse, depression, and mental health conditions. Also if you want to know about Vitamin D deficiency here are some 14 signs of vitamin D deficiency in your body.


In the UK, the use of nitrous oxide is associated with 17 deaths in six years and 15 in the US. No deaths have been reported in Australia. The use of nitrous oxide has a host of negative side effects, including a deficiency of B12, reduced oxygen levels in the brain, and incontinence. The drug may also have long-term effects. In addition, nitrous oxide is linked to climate change and is 300 times worse for the atmosphere than carbon dioxide.

Psychosis is often associated with mental illness, but it can also be caused by drug use. Heavy and chronic drug abuse, as well as mixing multiple drugs in continuous doses, can trigger psychotic symptoms. These symptoms can range from disorientation to violence. However, they generally dissipate once the drug wears off.


Nitrous oxide has a number of adverse effects, including decreased oxygen levels in the brain. It can also cause a deficiency in vitamin B12. Nitrous oxide, which is used to make nangs, is known to cause numbness and tingling throughout the body. These effects may last until vitamin B12 levels are restored. Heavy users may also experience memory loss and seizures. Seizures have only been reported in conjunction with other drugs.

Despite the risks, nangs are easy to obtain and cheap. In fact, a survey of more than one thousand university students in New Zealand in 2013 revealed that 12% reported using nangs at least once in the past year. Participants reported using an average of two to six bulbs in one session.

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