The Different Bonus Games Of Slot Machines

The popularity of slot machines is primarily based on the fact that no special gaming skills are required to interact with them, unlike, for example, blackjack. In addition, you can start with them with very small bets, which allows people with different income levels to play slot machines. Modern slot machines are rather complex electronic systems, although they look like slot machines made a hundred years ago. Their principle of operation and composition can be interesting from the point of view of studying electronics and mechanisms. Below let’s know more about different bonus games of slot machines.

What Is A Slot Machine?

A classic slot machine is a slot machine that gives the player the opportunity to win an amount that is several times the size of the initial bet. Their main advantage is simplicity. Next, the RNG will determine the result and line up the symbols on the field in random order.

When the machine is started or initialized for the first time after winning the progressive jackpot, this progressive slot machine gets an initial jackpot which is chosen at random (it is not zero). From there, the jackpot increases “gradually” with each player spinning their reels; the progressive jackpot increases by a percentage of the bet. Winning the jackpot with progressive slots occurs before or when it reaches its maximum amount.

Winning the jackpot with progressive slots occurs before or when it equals its maximum amount, as each progressive slot has a maximum progressive jackpot that cannot be exceeded. With each jackpot paid, the process begins again.

The Principle Of Operation Of Slot Machines:

The priority for the user of an online gambling establishment is to choose slot machines with prize additional features, free spins and respins, and bonus rounds. In this review, we will talk about the most popular and profitable slots for wagering bonus funds.

Bonuses are classified according to many features, you need to understand their types in order to choose the most advantageous offers. Somewhere verification is required, somewhere promotional codes are activated, there are also conditions under which you cannot do without a deposit (at least a minimum one). We have selected the types of gifts that are most common:

Casino Bonus:

Clubs are pretty tricky when it comes to this kind of thing. Therefore, the only chance to get money is to register under your real name and wager the bonus only once in one casino.

If the bonus is awarded in the form of free credit, then you will have to wager this amount in games several times before you can withdraw it. When you are done playing slots, you will still have to wager the total amount won during the free spins multiple times.

In more than 90 percent of cases, the bonus needs to be wagered, i.e., to put down the amount received in the slots multiple times before you are eligible for a withdrawal.

These bonuses usually come in the form of free credits with which you can play games, or as a few prepaid spins that you can use on certain slot games.

Bad Bonus:

The slot generates scatters very simply. Three scatter symbols randomly appear (on average, this happens once every 50-200 spins, depending on the machine). Next, the program gives a command to the random number generator: “bonus mode No. 1, it’s time to issue a bonus.” RNG answers – x5. Or maybe zero.

Good Bonus:

Lucrative bonuses are based on pure number generation. They also fall out, but not as often. And when the slot has generated a large win and its bank is able to provide a payout, it will indicate this in the bonus mode. If the machine can give out a lot of money at some point, it will generate bonuses on purpose.

Additional Bonus:

This applies more to accumulation systems and other bonuses. The slot generates a mode, then sends an RNG request, which generates the best result. The answer to the slot is either zero, or give out the amount in the “bonus No. X” mode.

No Deposit Bonus:

For registration, you get free spins in video slots. You can play certain slot machines a certain number of times, and if you manage to win, you get money to a bonus account, from where they still have to be wagered according to the wager.

No deposit bonus with replenishment – it doesn’t matter if you received a gift with money or free spins, in order to withdraw what you won, a deposit is required. Without this condition, no deposits are extremely rare.


Various bonuses, promotions, gifts, and promotional offers are part of the casino’s marketing policy. In a highly competitive environment, such establishments are interested in promoting their own brands.

Whether you’ve been playing for a while or you’ve just entered the world of gambling, you must have wondered how slot machines work in hopes of deciphering the mechanics behind them and winning it all.

To receive bonus money from the player, some actions are required: register, replenish an account, or invite a friend. The casino cannot influence the percentage return of slot machines that are connected to the system. No sane operator will allow the casino to do whatever it wants. The point is different. If a player received a chic jackpot a couple of hours ago, then the general bank is empty and needs to be replenished. The same thing happens as a result of a large skid – the network will pump money out of you to the maximum.

f you only aim for the big win, you’ll miss out on the fun of all those sessions. Instead of viewing sessions without big wins as failures, you need to see them as opportunities to keep playing and put yourself in line for a possible jackpot!


Q. Can the bonus be canceled?

A. This can be done at any time. But lost money will be withdrawn from the game account. If you win, it will be canceled, but you can withdraw your deposit.

Q. Should you play 100-line slots?

A. A 100 payline slot provides more opportunities for higher payouts for high rollers as the minimum bet is also higher. It’s all or nothing in one spin. For the same bet amount, you can play multiple spins with smaller payouts. You have a better chance of winning with more spins than with a single spin in slots with 100 paylines.

Q. Is it possible to win a billion in a slot? 

A. Have you ever thought about the existence of a ceiling of possibilities for payments in slot machines? After all, it actually exists and is limited to a bank of an entire network. For example, there is a model in which you pay the Nth amount per month, receive a limit on slots, and at the end of the reporting period, settlement takes place. But it also happens that the maximum amount of issuance is limited only by the general bank.

In any case, you can easily find out the necessary information from the manager of the same Microgaming. If the casino is serious (often foreign), then the operator can replenish the bank from a personal pocket (it happens extremely rarely). There is another way to manage the bank – the transfer of limits. For example, you can manually change the limit of one slot to another.

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