The Different Cake Décor Ideas To Learn

We all know that nowadays not even a small celebration is complete without a cake. We cannot say no to a cake whenever we are going to celebrate anything. That is why the bakery business is a new and attractive idea that most of the youth are seeking. You can join the bakery courses or other cake decoration courses to try your luck in this field. Baking a cake is not enough as we love to see our cakes topped with multiple creative ideas using fruits, nuts, creams, chocolates, and much more. That is why cake decoration is something that is of utmost importance while preparing for the bakery business. 

You should not enter in this field if you are not having sufficient knowledge and information regarding the cake décor. There are undoubtedly so many cake decoration ideas and techniques available that a baker can pick. Some of them are here discussed that you must know:

  • Fondant cakes: The fondant décor is one of the most trending of all because if you want a theme cake then only a fondant can do this. You can now get anything you want on your cake with the help of fondants. From animal theme to human theme, anything can be made using the fondant technique. But only a professional can use the fondant as it is not easy as it seems. There are so many things to keep in your mind while preparing the fondants. 
  • Frosting cakes: The next cake décor idea which is very common is frosting. Every cake is incomplete if there is no frosting done. Otherwise, your cake will just look like a dry cake. You have to prepare the frosting. The frosting can be of any flavor and a true baker can make the frosting and present it on the cake. But it is a quite common technique that is followed on a cake. 
  • Hand-painted cakes: One of the newest forms of cake décor that is also in trend is hand-painted cakes. You can now hand paint your cake for the décor purpose. You can use edible colors and drawings to present on your cake and to make them more thematic and tempting. 
  • The chandelier cakes: So, you may have seen these types of cake son a big fat wedding. The chandelier cakes are quite bigger in size and are expensive because it took so much hard work and effort to make and present such cakes. If you are entering this business then you must learn to bake and make all such cakes. 
  • Other cake decoration ideas: There are many other cake décor ideas that are seen on many cakes including icing sugar method, fruit, and cherries on cakes, sprinkles, fresh flowers on cakes, rainbow cakes, little balloons flying on cakes, nuts, coconut shield cakes, caramel-coated, and many more. 

You will even get to know more about cake decorations when you join the bakeology studio to learn basic, advanced, and professional ways to decorate cakes and more. 

Amelia Noah

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