The Flash Movie’s 7 Batman Suits Details Revealed By Costume Artist

New promo art from The Flash, the upcoming DC superhero movie starring Ezra Miller as Barry Allen, offers fans their first glimpse at Michael Keaton’s Batman in a brand-new suit. Additionally, this image provides viewers with an unusual variant of Barry Allen.

Although this suit isn’t exactly comics-accurate, it does appear closer in style to the current version of The Caped Crusader from comic books than prior versions have been.

1. The Classic Batman Suit

For decades, the Batman suit has been a part of DC Comics and films. However, it has been modernized over time to reflect technological advancements.

One of the most significant updates to the Batman suit has been its addition of armor. In addition to a ballistic vest, this version now boasts various forms of bulletproof protection.

Batman rarely suffers a bullet to the chest in spite of his armor, as shots usually aim toward his iconic Bat symbol on his chest and are meant to draw attention away from Bruce Wayne who is usually impervious to most bullets.

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2. The Batman ’66 Suit

Batman’s costume is one of the most beloved in superhero comic books, and it has been depicted in countless ways over time. Stories have also often depicted Batman altering certain details of his suit over the decades.

No matter Batman’s costume, he always carries a utility belt with various crime fighting tools. These range from basic coiled rope and Batarang scaling equipment to re-breather devices, flash and gas grenades, explosives, lockpicks, and more – all available on this belt.

When creating the Batman suit for Matt Reeves’ “The Batman,” costume designer Glyn Dillon told The Credits he wanted to make it more practical than previous muscle suits. And that is exactly what he has done with this updated version of the Batsuit.

3. The Batman ’89 Suit

On Tuesday, DC Comics shared a sketch of the Batman ’89 suit created by writer Sam Hamm and artist Quinones. This design draws heavily from Michael Keaton’s Batsuit in Tim Burton’s 1989 movie. According to Quinones’ notes, this version bears similarities to Michael Keaton’s costume in that film.

The new Batman ’89 suit pays homage to Frank Miller’s groundbreaking 1986 comic arc “Batman: Year One.” The character’s battle-scarred and musclebound design, as well as the big yellow oval around his chest symbol, are all present and consistent with Miller’s original comics. Ultimately, however, the new look returns to a darker and brooding tone from its origins.

4. The Batman ’92 Suit

On social media, a new photo of The Flash star Ezra Miller’s costume has surfaced, giving fans an exclusive glimpse at what Barry Allen (Ezra Miller) will wear in his upcoming solo film. This suit appears more comics-realistic than previous DCEU movies.

Miller’s suit may seem similar to Val Kilmer’s in Batman Forever (1995) or George Clooney’s in Batman & Robin (1997), but this piece of armor actually takes inspiration from Michael Keaton’s 1989 Batman Returns batsuit. This version lacks rubber abs and pecs in favor of more chiseled muscle outlines reminiscent of Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy or this year’s The Batman.

5. The Batman ’93 Suit

Director Andy Muschietti unveiled some exciting details in his first glimpse at The Flash, including a familiar Batman suit based on Michael Keaton’s original Batsuit from 1992’s Batman Returns that looks much sharper and sleeker than 1989’s version.

The 1993 suit also features the utility belt with various compartments and Keaton’s forearm gauntlets have been slightly upgraded. It’s an incredibly cool design, and it’s great to see it back after so many decades.

6. The Batman ’95 Suit

The Batman suit (or Bat-Suit) is one of DC Comics’ iconic costumes from their Batman line of comic books. It has been depicted in various ways and often modified from story to story.

Writer James Tynion IV will unveil a brand-new design of the Batman suit in Batman #95 during a dream sequence. It will boast brightly shining armor!

7. The Batman ’99 Suit

Batman is one of the most beloved comic book characters ever created. He relies on his intellect, money, detective skills, martial arts skills and fear to solve crimes.

Through the years, Batman has donned many different costumes. But his most renowned look is undoubtedly the iconic Batsuit from 1989’s Michael Keaton film adaptation of “Batman Begins”.

This suit is a minimalist masterpiece featuring a cape, cowl, utility belt and iconic bat symbol at the chest. Designed by renowned DC costume designer Mark Dillon and sculptor Jeff Crossman, it will surely turn heads wherever it goes.

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