The Halloween Spot – Five most famous characters to pick for your Halloween

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As the days start getting shorter, one of the most anticipated events of the year starts approaching. This event gets everyone excited, whether they are kids, adults or elders. It’s a festival of spook, costumes, carved pumpkins, scary decorations and candies! Lots and lots of them! It’d take a person from outer space to not guess that we’re talking about Halloween here. Every year on 31st October, kids wait to wear their costumes, and go door to door and collect candy. Not only the kids, but the adults join in on the fun too. They scare other people with their spooky decorations, or costumes. If you live in a country where they don’t celebrate Halloween, then now is your time to celebrate your first Halloween! It is said that earth has visitors from the land of the dead on this day, and if that doesn’t excite the little part of you that loves paranormal, then we don’t know what would. If you’re yet to figure out what costume you’re going to be wearing for this Halloween, your search ends on shopping website. They have a huge collection of exciting costumes and accessories to choose from. A Halloween costume doesn’t have to be necessarily scary. You can do cosplay, or just pick any costume that comes to your mind. The essence is to celebrate the All Saints Day, and have fun! 

This Halloween, here are the five most famous characters to pick for your Halloween costume: (P.S. Use coupon codes to save a chunk while shopping… Happy Halloween!)

  1. Valak (The Nun): This is arguably one of the spookiest characters in one of the classic jump scare horror movies. Valak, also commonly known as “The Nun” is a character of a nun that roams around in a monastery, and scares the living shit out of everyone. The people who love the Conjuring series, know that this character has its origins in Romania. Bite you, it’s a very scary character and you might get scared by looking in the mirror at yourself in this costume. If you have some sleepless nights after, we are not to blame. You can get this costume for a reduced cost in sale right about now. Grab it, and get people screaming at your presence as if you’re a rock star. Speaking of which, reminds us of the next costume.
  1. Elvis Presley: He’s an icon. He’s the pinnacle of style, fashion, music, showbiz, and everything retro. Your grandmother has had a crush on him, your mother has had a crush on him, and your girlfriend has a crush on him too. He was, and would always be a statement in everything Rock and Roll. It was a shame that he left us early at an age of 42, but he still lives on in everyone’s hearts. Re-live the era of the retro, and get the Elvis Presley costume without burning a hole in your pockets. How, you ask? It’s by using discount codes on their website. Elvis was a heartthrob popular with the ladies. Just putting it out there so any hesitation on getting the costume is nullified. *wink*

Ronald McDonald: Ronald McDonald, was the brand ambassador of the popular fast food franchise, McDonald’s. He was the face of the American fast food giant, since they were conceived. The brand got rid of it in 2016 off most of its campaigns, but they still mention about his ongoing service to the brand on their website. In Asian countries like India, Pakistan, etc., where burgers were introduced to most people by this franchise, they still have a mannequin of Ronald sitting outside restaurants. People, especially kids, still fondly get clicked with him, holding their soft serve cones in one hand, and happy meal toys in the other. This Halloween, you can twist this character, and make him scary (just like clowns are supposed to be) to fit him to the Halloween’s theme. While buying the scary clown costume, do remember to use promo codes and sing the McDonald’s jingle in a creepy undertone. We really are evil, aren’t we?

Shrek/Fiona: He is loved by everyone, and he is as old as time. The green ogre, who goes on to rescue Princess Fiona, is a popular character from the early 2000s, and is now an icon in pop culture. Kids love to watch his movies with their dads, and who’re we kidding, they love it too. After social media, especially Facebook saw a rise in usage across the world, the meme culture was born, and he was the subject of one of the memes ever to go viral. This Halloween, up your cosplay game by getting a Shrek or Fiona costume. deals in both of these costumes. Check if one’s available in your size because they’re hot selling pancakes!

Aladdin: The beloved Arabic street kid, who once found a magical lamp lying, is someone we have all watched as kids. Yes, our beloved Aladdin is 30 years old, and his first animation came out in 1992. Owing to Aladdin, we still have a hypothetical question revolving about what one would do if their 3 wishes were to come true. The plot of the film was revised many times, and many adaptations were made from time to time in different languages. It made the character more popular, and as a result, today it is one of the most loved characters that Walt Disney Studios has ever had. Now we don’t tell you to fly on a magic carpet, nor do you have a genie in the first place, but you can enjoy being Aladdin for a day, by cosplaying as him! Use coupons while purchasing the Arab guy’s costume, and get it for cheaper!

To celebrate the Halloween spirit, offers a wide range of costumes, accessories and wigs, for both children and adults. They even have a cute pet Halloween shop. 

While Halloween is a great time to rejoice and have fun in the outdoors, it is also a good time to show our responsibility towards the safety of children, as many predators lurk in the shadows and commit unlawful activities. Make sure you don’t cause hindrance to other’s fun, and enjoy it responsibly. 

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