The Most Anticipated MMO Games of 2023

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run unblocked games

The Most Anticipated MMO’s of 2023

Unveiling the Ultimate Online Experiences


Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) games have come a long way since their inception, offering players vast, immersive worlds to explore, socialise, and compete in. As we venture into 2023, a new wave of MMOs is set to redefine the genre and captivate gamers worldwide. Here, we’ll take a look at the top MMO games of 2023 that have caught our attention and are set to make a splash in the gaming community. So, buckle up, and let’s dive into the virtual worlds of tomorrow!

Project TL (The Lineage) – NCSOFT

Project TL, otherwise known as Throne and Liberty,  is the highly anticipated successor to the classic Lineage series. Developed by NCSOFT, this next-generation MMO boasts stunning graphics, seamless open-world exploration, and thrilling real-time combat. The game’s unique class system, coupled with its expansive world, offers players countless opportunities for customization and strategic gameplay.

What makes Project TL worth watching:

  • A renowned development team with a proven track record.
  • A massive, visually stunning world to explore.
  • An innovative class system and real-time combat.
  • Status: Currently in closed beta testing, with an expected release date in late 2023.

Crimson Desert – Pearl Abyss

From the creators of the popular MMO Black Desert Online, Crimson Desert is set to deliver an epic, open-world experience featuring both single-player and multiplayer elements. Players will embark on a perilous journey through a vast, war-torn world filled with diverse cultures, stunning landscapes, and mythical creatures. Check out the recently released exclusive gameplay.

What makes Crimson Desert worth watching:

  • Developed by Pearl Abyss, the team behind the successful Black Desert Online.
  • A breathtaking open world with deep lore and engaging quests.
  • A unique blend of single-player and multiplayer gameplay.
  • Status: Currently in development, with a planned release window in 2023.

BLOCKLORDS – MetaKing Studios

BLOCKLORDS, is an innovative MMO strategy game that utilises blockchain technology to create an experience in which the players completely own their experiences. Set in a mediaeval world, players are challenged to build powerful armies, conquer territories, and engage in thrilling battles to expand their empires. BLOCKLORDS’s backers include some of the biggest players in the game – no pun intended. The game has come leaps and bounds in the last year and is expected to launch later this year. Check out some exclusive BLOCKLORDS gameplay on their youtube channel.

What makes BLOCKLORDS worth watching:

  • A captivating strategic gameplay harnessing blockchain technology.
  • A dynamic, immersive world where players can forge alliances, conquer territories, and engage in epic battles.
  • A deep, player-driven economy that allows for extensive customization and growth.
  • Status: Releasing in 2023.

New World – Amazon Game Studios

New World, developed by Amazon Game Studios, is an ambitious open-world MMO set in the supernatural world of Aeternum. Players will be able to forge their own destiny by building settlements, engaging in intense PvP battles, and exploring a mysterious, ever-changing landscape. The game is becoming more and more popular, and won the Most Improved MMO of 2022, by MMO RPG

What makes New World worth watching:

  • Developed by the powerhouse Amazon Game Studios.
  • A dynamic, evolving world with a deep, player-driven economy.
  • A focus on player choice, with extensive crafting and settlement-building options.
  • Status: Released in September 2022, with ongoing updates and expansions planned.

Lost Ark – Smilegate RPG

Lost Ark is a highly anticipated isometric action MMO from the South Korean developer Smilegate RPG. Combining fast-paced combat, a vibrant world, and an expansive storyline, Lost Ark promises to be a thrilling experience for fans of both MMOs and action RPGs.

Choose from a large range of classes, and clash in 48v48 PvP battles

What makes Lost Ark worth watching:

  • The perfect fusion of MMO and action RPG elements.
  • A large, diverse world filled with unique locations and enemies.
  • Engaging combat and a deep, immersive storyline.
  • Status: Released in February 2022, with ongoing updates and new content planned.

Ashes of Creation – Intrepid Studios

Ashes of Creation, developed by Intrepid Studios, is a unique sandbox MMO that aims to revolutionise the genre with its player-driven world. Players will shape the world around them through their actions, building cities, engaging in trade, and waging wars.

What makes Ashes of Creation worth watching:

  • A truly player-driven world that evolves based on player choices.
  • A vast, open world with limitless possibilities for exploration and adventure.
  • A dynamic economy and political system that encourages player interaction.
  • Status: Currently in Alpha testing, with an anticipated full release in 2023.

Star Citizen – Cloud Imperium Games

Star Citizen, the ambitious space-faring MMO from Cloud Imperium Games, continues to make waves as it evolves in its lengthy development process. Featuring a massive, fully explorable universe, deep crafting and trading systems, and intense space combat, Star Citizen aims to be the ultimate space simulation experience. Check out the Alpha Feature Trailer!

What makes Star Citizen worth watching:

  • A highly detailed and expansive universe to explore and conquer.
  • Deep economic and crafting systems that provide endless opportunities for player growth.
  • Immersive space combat and exploration mechanics.
  • Status: Currently in Alpha development, with ongoing updates and no set release date.

Corepunk – Artificial Core

Corepunk, developed by Artificial Core, is a top-down MMO that combines elements of classic RPGs and modern MMOs in a unique, vibrant world. Players will embark on an epic journey, exploring diverse landscapes, engaging in intense combat, and participating in a dynamic economy and political system.

What makes Corepunk worth watching:

  • A fresh take on the MMO genre, blending classic RPG elements with modern MMO features.
  • A stunning, stylized world filled with diverse environments and intriguing characters.
  • A deep crafting system and dynamic economy that encourages player interaction.
  • Status: Currently in closed beta testing, with an expected release date in 2023.

Blue Protocol – Bandai Namco

Blue Protocol, developed by Bandai Namco, is an action-packed MMO set in a beautiful, anime-inspired world. Players will join forces with others to save the world from impending doom while exploring stunning landscapes, battling fearsome monsters, and uncovering ancient secrets. The game boasts deep levels of player customization, allowing players to express themselves fully. Check out some gameplay in their announcement trailer

What makes Blue Protocol worth watching:

  • Developed by the renowned Bandai Namco, known for popular franchises like Dark Souls and Tekken.
  • A visually stunning, anime-inspired world filled with vibrant colors and imaginative creatures.
  • Fast-paced, action-oriented combat that keeps players engaged.
  • Status: Currently in closed beta testing in Japan, with a planned global release in 2023.

Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen – Visionary Realms

Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen, developed by Visionary Realms, is a high-fantasy MMO that emphasises group-oriented gameplay and challenging PvE content. Players will explore the vast world of Terminus, forging alliances and overcoming obstacles in their quest for glory and adventure. Choose from 9 races and 12 classes, to create a character befitting of your legacy.

What makes Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen worth watching:

  • A focus on group-oriented gameplay, fostering community and cooperation.
  • A rich, detailed world filled with deep lore and engaging quests.
  • Challenging PvE content that encourages strategic thinking and teamwork.
  • Status: Currently in pre-alpha development, with a planned release date in 2023.


As we look ahead to 2023, the MMO genre continues to evolve and push the boundaries of what online gaming can achieve. These exciting titles showcase the diversity and innovation that define the MMO landscape, offering gamers a wealth of immersive, engaging experiences to choose from. Keep an eye on these promising games as they redefine the world of massively multiplayer online gaming in the coming year!

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