The Most Prestigious Lighting Brands


Best lighting brands.

Deciding whether a lighting brand is good, better or worse than another goes far beyond purely aesthetic aspects, and depends on many other factors:

In any case, and since we have clients who above all want the best of the best , we have decided to write about this topic.

What you are about to read is a selection of what for us are some, by no means all, of the best lighting brands.

Lighting brands full of magic and mystery

Designer lamps that are erected as sculptures, where the diffusion of light transforms the atmosphere of a room in a spectacular way.

Designs never seen before that elevate any space to a higher category, where art transgresses the purely functional, to provoke emotions and exalt the senses.

Indoor and outdoor lighting brands, capable of captivating us because they create suggestive atmospheres full of magic and mystery.

Unique sensations that come to us from the hand of three pioneering lighting designers, with renowned prestige in the world of art and interior design on an international scale:

Michael Anastassiades

High-end pieces with a sculptural and artistic character, whose value transgresses the laws of convention.

Light installations designed and created exclusively for Premium spaces and customers.

In this and in a future article , we invite you to discover the magic that these important international lighting firms contain, thanks to their inimitable style and genuine seal , which will not leave you indifferent.

Did you know that in the Avanluce online store, you will discover lighting designs from the most prestigious firms?

Lighting with interior design proposals of the highest level

Are you looking for something different and unique for your interior design project?

Do you want to incorporate a decorative object with sensitivity into that space in question, which in turn offers you an enveloping and comfortable set of lights?

Couples to the world of plastic or decorative art, are the creations proposed by the luxury firms Ingo Maurer, Catellani & Smith and Michael Anastassiades;

Unusual materials, such as paper, gold leaf, copper, different types of metal, or even silicone, give life to these unique lighting creations.

From lamps created many years ago that are still current and current, through limited edition avant-garde designs.

These are lighting systems, perfect for customers looking for something different.Ingo Maurer. When art, technology and innovation go hand in hand. Always at the forefront of technology and innovation, the German firm Ingo Maurer is one of the most advanced worldwide.

His eagerness to evolve in the design and usability of lighting systems led him to be:

  • one of the pioneers in the implementation of LED technology,
  • and later, to promote the so-called O Led technology, which goes a step further both in terms of design and in reducing electricity consumption.

Ingo Maurer began designing exceptional lamps, lighting systems, and other objects in the 1960s, producing and distributing them throughout the world.

In its old production hall, the firm set up a large showroom for its products, unprecedented in Europe, where it exhibits luminaries of great artistic beauty.

Its executive team is in charge of designing and bringing to life interior design projects with meaning and their own name.

Ideas that are embodied as lamps, whose aesthetic effect is capable of reaching the soul.

Our lighting studio in Barcelona for various very special lighting consultancy projects has occasionally chosen lamps from this German firm -some of which we have shown you in the images in this article- to incorporate them into luxury private homes (both city, countryside and coast).

Three of the series that we recommend for their exquisite sensitivity are:

the so-called Mamo Nouchies,
and the Lucellino series .
Along with these, the so-called Led Wallpaper, a wallpaper with built-in lighting, also surprises with its innovative character.

Whoa!So far this first selection of top lighting firms.

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