The Most Valuable Brands in 2020

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Knowing which companies have the most valuable brands can be a useful insight into the industry you are operating in or trying to enter. It can help inform what kind of approach to take when creating your own brand, as well as give you an indication of possible marketing strategies to employ. Let’s take a look at the top 10 most valuable-brands in 2020.

Amazon – $220 Billion

Amazon is by far the most valuable brand in 2020, valued at over $220 billion. With its vast array of products, services, and customer service practices, it’s no wonder why Amazon has become such an integral part of our lives. Amazon also has a global reach that allows them to serve customers from all around the world with ease.

Apple – $205 Billion

Apple is another tech giant that has been able to establish itself as one of the most valuable brands in 2020, with a valuation of over $205 billion. Apple has seen tremendous success due to its wide range of products like iPhones and iPads, as well as its software services like iCloud and iTunes.

Microsoft – $166 Billion   

Microsoft rounds out the top three most valuable brands in 2020 with a valuation of over $166 billion. As one of the biggest tech companies out there, Microsoft offers a variety of products like Windows Operating Systems and Office Suite programs that make it an essential part of our work lives today.

Google – $165 Billion   

Google is another tech company that made it onto this list with a valuation just under Microsoft’s at about $165 billion dollars. Google is well known for its search engine but they also have other products such as Google Maps, Gmail, and Android OS that have helped them become one of the most valuable brands in 2020.

Samsung – $62 Billion 

Samsung is the lone South Korean brand on this list with a valuation just under $62 billion dollars in 2020. Samsung has been able to achieve success through their wide range of electronics including TVs, phones, and appliances as well as their considerable presence within the semiconductor industry.  

Coca-Cola – $56 

Billion Coca-Cola makes this list thanks to their long-standing presence within soft drinks worldwide and their numerous partnerships both domestically and internationally that have allowed them to establish themselves as one of the most recognizable brands across various industries today.  

Toyota – $51 

Billion Toyota rounds out this top ten list with a valuation just under fifty two billion dollars thanks largely due to its strong presence within automobile manufacturing worldwide where it is ranked second behind Volkswagen Group for total cars sold every year since 2013 according to Forbes Magazine .  


When it comes down to it, these top 10 brands demonstrate what it takes for any business—big or small—to create value beyond simply financial gain; good customer service practices coupled with innovative products are key components for any successful enterprise regardless if you are attempting to enter into a new market or expanding your existing operations globally! In order for any business owner or entrepreneur looking gain maximum value from their own brand they must focus on developing quality relationships with customers while providing excellent services or products designed specifically for those customers needs!


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