The Philippines is a country in the world that still maintains this ancient custom of sabong

The sabong is an ancient folk game that is said to have originated in Asia and was introduced to Europe around the fifth century BC (source of information: s888 live). However, the Philippines is a country in the world that still maintains this ancient custom.  sabong is very common in the Philippines, from urban to rural areas, with more than a thousand sabong arenas across the country. There are people from all walks of life participating in the sabong on the sabong arena, and it is often seen that government officials also bring chickens to fight. The sabong field is generally built in the center of the hall. It is a square platform surrounded by bamboo fences. The platform is about 1.5 meters high and surrounded by audience seats.

There is also a “chicken doctor” stationed in the field to prepare for emergency  sabong. There are many varieties of sabong, too many to enumerate, which can be roughly divided into three categories: natural sabong, local mixed-breed sabong and imported sabong. The natural fighting cocks that still live in the jungle are aggressive by nature, and when they encounter another rooster, they immediately fight. However, they are untrained and lack fighting skills. One of the most famous fighting cocks is called “Mondino”. It is a mix of American, Cuban, Spanish and local chickens. It has the best record and has always been regarded as “flying general”. Generally take the leap in the air, attacking each other tactics.

The brisk and agile Spanish fighting cocks are mixed with local chickens. They are fierce and brave, and they are also good breeds. Through breeding and training, there have been Douhongs with their own characteristics, such as searching for long ground battles, good at air battles, attacking the enemy’s key points, and fighting to the death. For sabong competitions, the relevant authorities in the Philippines have also made certain regulations: sabong in the venue on Sundays and public holidays is legal to avoid, and if it is held outside the venue, it is illegal on any day. The sabong requires proper training and exercise every day to enhance physical strength, improve combat effectiveness, and use massage to make the chicken’s skin firmer.

If it is used for night combat, it is also necessary to train under the lights to adapt it to the environment. The feathers of the chickens are trimmed and the combs are cut very small to reduce the target of attack. Each chicken participating in the competition must be weighed in advance, and only those of the same weight can be matched as a pair of opponents. The game is won or lost, or fouled or not, by the referee. Refereeing is a somewhat dangerous job, as cockfights are fought primarily with 1- to 8-inch blades bound on one foot.

When the two sides flew, they would jump in front of the referee, stretch their feet, and sometimes cut the referee’s face and throat; there have even been tragedies in which the referee died in a cockfight. When the referee announced the start of the fight, the chicken husbands each held their chickens to make them face each other and recognize their opponents, and the fierce battle ensued. The two sides sometimes fought hard, and sometimes soared and pecked. Beautiful feathers fell, and sharp blades gleamed. The scene is thrilling, the scene is warm, the emotional audience screams or screams, or holds their breath, everyone sweats for them.

In sabong competitions, when there is rarely a draw, they will fight to the death as long as they have one breath, even if their legs are broken, their eyes are blind, their bodies are bruised and blood is pouring, and they will not admit defeat. Although the maximum time for the competition is 10 minutes, it is often less than 1 minute, and the winner can be seen. This kind of sabong competition is often a kind of gambling. Whether it is the distant past, the boiling present of life, or the future full of hope, an infinite variety of cultures can be created. The owner of the contest winner receives a handsome bet. If you want to know more about sabong, you can go to s888 sign up for more information.

Marlon Brando

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