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The Best Luxury Resorts in India, Bhutan, and Sri Lanka

Recently awarded the Best Luxury Boutique Hotel Brand by the World Travel Awards, 2022,  The postcard hotel is one of the fastest-growing luxury hotel brands in the world today. Within four years of its existence, the brand has accomplished nine exquisite and Ulta-immersive hotels in Thimphu, Galle, Goa, Maravanthe Beach, Gujarat, and Kochi. Each hotel blends seamlessly with its handpicked destination, representing its art, culture, and heritage. With some of the best luxury resorts in India, Bhutan, and Sri Lanka, the brand is truly changing the way luxury is seen in the hospitality landscape. 

The Postcard Dewa, Thimphu

No matter where one is in Bhutan, there’s almost always a fine place to stay not very far away. With an incredible rise in travel and tourism in the Kingdom, these numbers have only increased. The valleys and unassuming cities are home to several outposts of international hospitality chains offering luxurious accommodations, hot stone baths, and headlong immersion into Himalayan zen. Furthermore, with a mission of creating the best luxury resorts in India and beyond, The Postcard brings a stylish luxury hotel in Thimphu’s northern outskirts where illustrious Bhutanese and travelers alike are finding their happy place. 

Their hotel in Thimphu, The Postcard Dewa feels like a  really comfortable home with every possible convenience. With well-informed aesthetics at the intersection of distinctly Indian and eastern Himalayan sensibilities, it seamlessly interrupts the monotony of the quintessential Bhutanese luxury hotel in Thimphu. The guest feels the luxury right from the moment one is welcomed with smiles, with endless kuzuzampolas, warm herbal tea, and the enormous reception desk—an ornately carved wooden counter salvaged from the Talo Monastery in Punakha—and right behind, an embroidered kira belonging to the family of the second Bhutanese king.

The Postcard Dewa’s inception was just before COVID-19 struck, and it stayed functional throughout the duration of the pandemic except for the lockdown, hosting groups on business who would utilize the meeting hall that doubles up as a yoga room. Moreover, the brand did a lot of Sunday brunches hosting domestic guests and PM Lotay Tshering for two quarantines after he returned to the country from trips abroad. The hotel in Thimphu also had the king Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck and the queen Jetsun Pema over for an extended stay at the property. It sure was the location that did it: a picturesque perch high up in a forest just 20 minutes from Thimphu’s center and under an hour from Paro. 

The Experiences of The Postcard Dewa

The holiday to the ultra-immersive destination is incomplete without its experiences. 2022 marked the 400th anniversary of the completion of the fascinating Chari monastery, 45 minutes from the hotel. Constructed by Bhutan’s founding father, the fabled Tibetan lama Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyel, the 8,500-foot-high monastery is accessible via a 45-minute hike uphill. 

With a local guide, stroll through the premise—dank prayer halls redolent with the scent of butter and painted in Buddhist frescoes and mandalas, and shrines festooned with tormas (ritual cakes) done in the brightest colours, and glaring guardian-keepers. As one finishes another five-minute climb later, they would discover Zhabdrung’s lair where the revered lama is said to have meditated as a 26-year-old—the Tango monastery, which affords an even more spectacular view from above.

Each experience with the hotel in Thimphu, The Postcard Dewa, reawakens one’s senses and discovers the natural beauty of the Himalayas with adventurous hikes, commanding and captivating monasteries, Bhutanese delights, and eye-opening experiences in Bhutan’s magnificent mountain landscape. One immerses in the local life and culture to reignite their curiosity and passion for travel.

Creating the Best Luxury Resorts in India and Beyond

Nestled deep in the Himalayas, the Kingdom of Bhutan is just under a two-hour flight from Delhi. A holiday at the brand’s hotel in Thimphu- The Postcard Dewa is perfect to wind down in the lap of nature and enjoy pristine views of the Khasadrapchu valley and Wang Chhu River. 
Today, the fastest-growing hotel brand is creating a niche and rediscovering the “old way to holiday” in destinations that were merely known to travelers. With the best product, services, and experience- The Postcard Hotel is creating some of the best luxury resorts in India and the world.

Alexis Sadie

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