The Six Sigmastic Reasons to Choose a Lean Six Sigma Consultant

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Lean Six Sigma is a pragmatic method. It is beneficial to obtain programme certification from reputable organizations. What counts, though, is one’s ability to lead initiatives and promote corporate success.

Good lean six sigma consultant will be in high demand for decades to come, regardless of industry. Industry 4.0 is rapidly approaching. Big data will be easily accessible thanks to digital technologies. When used in conjunction with Lean Six Sigma, it can transform the corporate world and provide substantial value to organizations.

As Lean Six Sigma companies have sprung up worldwide, more and more organizations are benefiting from it.


1) Transfer of knowledge: The most significant asset in any organization is its employees. However, they cannot be everywhere at once and they cannot solve every problem that crops up inside the business. This is where a lean six sigma consultant comes in very useful- he can transfer his specialized knowledge onto one’s existing staff, increasing their skill level tenfold when it comes to problem-solving without getting too technical or confusing them with jargon! As a result, their staff will learn how to properly analyze problems and up with suitable solutions for them in the future.

2) Cross-training: Lean six sigma consultants can help train their staff in lean principles and work alongside them to ensure that the cross training is successful. Once they have been trained to handle certain aspects of a business or production line, they are able to pass on their knowledge and experience onto others who may find themselves struggling with specific issues. The result? A well-functioning team who knows how to tackle any problem which arises!

3) Reduced time spent on problem-solving: One’s employees will spend less time every week trying to come up with reasonable solutions for various problems because they will be equipped with all the information they need. They’ll feel more confident about making changes without having a fear of failure hanging over their heads. This leads to a more positive work environment which can only benefit the business as a whole!

4) Increased customer satisfaction: When one’s staffs are more confident about tackling issues, they’ll feel happier in their roles and will be more motivated to do better each time. In addition, by solving problems quickly, efficiently and without causing too much of a hiccup for your customers, you’ll start seeing that turnaround times are faster, feedback is more detailed and overall service levels have improved.

5) It saves money: Reducing the amount of time spent trying to solve problems with trial and error will save them money in the long run because they won’t lose any product due to inefficient production line management. Their lean six sigma consultant will help them continuously improve the process so that problem solving becomes easier and more streamlined each time, saving them cash in the future.

6) The first case study-based simulation-enabled learning in the world: The world-famous lean six sigma black belt certification from ASQ, the leading quality improvement and sustainable success organization. 

7) A qualified consultant’s vast experience and expertise: One’s lean six sigma consultant should have at least two years’ worth of experience within his chosen field. They should also be following the highest standards possible for education and certification so that one knows that he has mastered his trade! This is not just any old job they are doing; it requires a great deal of concentration and problem-solving skills, strategic thinking, and patience.

These were some intriguing reasons to choose a lean six sigma consultant.

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