The snow trek Kedarkantha


Kedarkantha Trek

Kedarkantha is deemed one of the most winter hiking spots, and trek in Uttarakhand, India at an elevation of 12,500ft above sea level. It is a perfect trek to satisfy your trekking experience. The Kedarkantha trek is pretty special since it has astounding views and it offers the best views of the complete mountain cape. Today Kedarkantha is the loftiest trek of Uttarakhand, Himalayas. 

Kedarkantha is an unbelievable place to stay there has a mesmerizing view of sunrise and sunset. The trek is a classic winter trek that offers a great opportunity for tourists to discover something new about nature and adventure the life of distant villages of the Garwhal Himalayas.

The quite fascinating thing about the Kedarkantha trek is that from here also the most astounding range of the Himalayas is encountered. Which are Swaragarohini Peaks – 1, 2, 3, Black Peak, and Bandarpunch Peak, and all the mountains are seen from here. 

Winter trek 

Kedarkantha is deemed one of the best well-known snow treks in Uttarakhand and the present world. Hence, the Kedarkantha trek is the eminent and most popular winter trek in Uttarakhand. It has got astounding beauty in winter and the trail conceals in a lush blanket of snow almost winter. Kedarkantha trek will serve a large number of panoramic views like green stretches of land, streaming water, and lush forests. 

The snow-clad mountain peaks along with the prolific forests make the journey worthwhile. The prolific green forests usually turn white, making it a little Switzerland. As a result,  the Kedarkantha trek is not only for professional trekkers but is also for begins and children too.

Kedarkantha is one such trek you can do anytime in the year, and is more famous, especially for a winter trek. From the Kedarkantha trek, you will surely get some learnings about life that how residents spend their life in backward areas. You will get the serenity and satisfaction which everyone seeks.


Trekking through the forest you can see breathtaking sights of traditionally dresses villagers gathering fodder for their cattle. It’s a beautiful place to counter several trees like pine, Oak, etc. The winter view is a little different here. There should be snow everywhere, snow-capped mountains, and beautiful rivers and birds. 

As soon as someone gets to the Sankri market base camp, they have come to another world of the mind. Sankri is a small and well-known market that is popular for shopping among tourists. There are several hotels and homestays where you can explore your night stay and then continue with your trek. Sunrise and sunset, offer a panoramic view where you will see yourself close to the sky.

This trek can be found in the beauty of the Himalayas. One distinct thing about Kedarkantha Trek is a triangle-shaped mountain. Which makes this trek more captivating. A marvelous fair is conducted every year in Kedarkantha. Here Shiva and Ganesha are venerated. Kedarkantha is the place for worship and faith, where Lord Shiva and Ganesha Worship every year.

About the Trek

Kedarkantha winter is different and amusing playing snowman sliding and throwing snow at each other’s equipment and making snowfall is funnier. Capturing beautiful pictures in the capped snow is a cherishable moment and the winter trek can be the best trek In your whole life. The best thing is that when snow fails, it is a distinct sight, most people come here to enjoy the view.

The moon from the sank base camp seems so close that it seems possible to touch. And, the sunrise from Sankri is breathtaking since the golden rays of the sun enthusiastically welcome and wake you up. 

Snowfall in Kedarkantha

In the Kedarkantha trek, notably, snowfall time occurs only in December, however, every so often it happens in early November as well, and it is seasonal. 

Kedarkantha has the maximum snowfall in January and February, which ends at the last of May. 

Trekking difficulty

The Kedarkantha trek is best for those people who are passionate about mountaineering and contemplate it as a special purpose in their life. Although, the top is not the much elevated, still grows your physical endurance and strong fitness.  All groups are accompanied by their instructors still beginners are strongly urged to attempt the Kedarkantha summit due to its easy difficulty.

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