The Top 15 Web Design Companies in Milwaukee, WI

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The design you choose to use should be straightforward, reflect your company’s identity, and obviously, top aesthetic value. To help you search for the right partner, we’ve created this list of the best design firms in Milwaukee. Explore descriptions, feedback, and awards to discover what best fits your business’s requirements. If you require additional assistance, contact us with your project, and we’ll connect you with suggested firms. Let’s peek at the top 15 Web Design companies in Milwaukee, WI.

1. Lagom Digital:

It’s a small web design firm. It was founded in 2021. The team provides web design, search engine optimization, and logo design. The company is located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. A construction company joined forces in partnership with Lagom Digital to redesign their slow and outdated website. The objective was to create an easier-to-use and faster loading site.

2. Mock Design Group, Inc.:

The company is an advertising firm located within Grayslake, Ill. It was founded in 1995. Their staff of five specialize in branding, social media marketing, and logo designs. Mock Design Group, Inc. designed a logo design for an organization that provides cleaning services. They made sure that the logo was representative of the business and its values. The team also designed business cards that featured the logo.

3. Revamplify:

It is an advertising firm. They are located within Wheeling, Illinois, and have an in-house team. Their offerings include advertising such as pay-per-click commercial photography, live broadcast videos, and many more. The company was established in 2021. Revamplify created an educational non-profit’s website and its social media accounts. Following initial meetings, they presented a range of choices for the client and developed the website.

4. Zadro Web:

It is a software development firm that has just ten employees. Established in 2007, their headquarters are located situated in Schaumberg, Ill. They are a specialist in web design, development of websites, cloud consulting, and SI. They cater to midmarket and small-sized clients in the financial, business, and telecommunications sectors. Zadro Web provided end-to-end web development and branding for an agency specializing in digital marketing. The ongoing relationship includes the creation of a custom WordPress website. The client is happy with their ongoing work.

5. Hypersonic:

It is a pay-per- Click Company. The company was established in 2018. The small-sized agency is located situated in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Their offerings include pay-per-click content marketing, content marketing SEO, Web design, and much more. Hypersonic overhauled the site of an automation distributor with a more user-friendly interface. The objective was to bring more visitors to the site.

6. SoftCircles, LLC:

Softcircles, LLC is a web design company in Milwaukee that was established in 2009. It is a small team focused on the design and development of products. They provide services in the development of software, mobile app development, and web development. Visit their website for more information.

7. Eco Web Design:

It is a design and web development agency which was founded in. The company provides branding, web design SEO, search engine optimization, e-Commerce development and is staffed by a small group. A boutique for mental health practices has partnered with Eco Web Design for website designs. To increase visitors and align with the brand, Eco Web Design manages the website’s overall layout with blogs, videos, and other content.

8. Growth Saloon:

It’s a tiny web design business. It is located in Lake Zurich, Illinois established in the year 2019. Their offerings include web design and search engine optimization, content marketing, conversions, and much more. Growth Saloon is developing a user-friendly web design for a car hauling company that includes SEO campaigns. The company was selected to convey complicated ideas in plain language.

9. Bettie Bomb, Inc.

It is a communications company based out of Milwaukee. The company, which was established in 2005, is staffed by a staff of fewer than ten people who offer public relations and social media marketing branding, SEO graphic design, web designing, film production, and other marketing services. Bettie Bomb serves small and mid-sized businesses in various industries, including hospitality & entertainment, medical, medical, and consumer products and services. A restaurant serving chickens has hired Bettie Bomb, Inc. to offer PR services. Bettie Bomb worked with the restaurant to garner their attention from numerous TV and newspaper networks. These campaigns proved so effective the restaurant needed to employ additional staff to manage the surge of patrons.

10. O2Soft:

The company was founded in the year 2019. The company is headquartered in Wisconsin and employs a small team. Their services include branding, web development graphic design, logo packaging design, and many more.

11. G5 Creative Group:

G5 Creative Group is a graphic design is a company that was founded in the year 2008. The company is focused on graphic design, logos, packaging design, printing design and is a small group.

12. Wisconsin, Color Ink:

The company is based in Sussex, Wisconsin; Color Ink is an agency for graphic design. The team is specialized in packaging design, graphic design, product designs, and direct marketing. The company was founded in 1984.

13. Catral Doyle Creative Co.:

It’s a tiny branding firm. The Milwaukee, Wisconsin-based company was established in 1993. The team specializes in branding logos, graphic design, logo packaging design, and more.

14. Monkeys & Aardvark Studios:

Established in 2008, 3 Monkeys & Aardvark Studios is a branding and marketing agency. They are located in Schaumburg, Illinois, and have only a few employees. The company offers branding graphics, logos, graphic design, print design, and many more.

15. Subzero Design:

It’s a small branding agency located within Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They are providing services of graphic design, branding, logo packaging design, and more.

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