The Toyota Century Is Just As Luxurious As Any German Sedan

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Wapcar Automotive News – Toyota rarely fails to be a force to be reckoned with in most car genres (although their Toyota 7 race car did fail). Toyota is showing us that it can hang out with the best of them in the trucking business with the Tacoma and Tundra. In addition, Toyota also knows how to save money, with classic models like the Toyota Camry ideal for commuters. In spite of the famous models of Toyota, such as the Toyota Hilux 2023. Sports car? Toyota Supra has you covered. 

A luxury car is defined as a vehicle that goes further in comfort and quality. Cars that offer extra performance and premium amenities are often classified as luxury sedan cars. They also value driving comfort more than the car’s handling.

The Toyota Century embodies luxury in the way that most car enthusiasts associate German cars. Century has been Toyota’s mainstay luxury sedan since 1967. It exudes success and refined elegance. Confronting German luxury sedan rivals such as Mercedes-Benz or Audi, Toyota Century has its own unique luxury brand.

Here’s why the Toyota Century is as luxurious as any German sedan, and why you’ll eventually want one.

Imagine a car so grand and luxurious that you won’t see royalty or government rulers in anything else? There’s a reason we know the Toyota Century as one of Japan’s most luxurious sedans. In fact, we have several.

The Toyota Century has gone through a number of different redesigns since its inception, but with lightness. Why waste a good thing? Over the years, Toyota has added a number of subtle attributes that give the Century a more modern style, while allowing it to retain the unparalleled excellence for which this luxury sedan is known. Handcrafted, Century’s badge has more or less remained the same since the birth of this particular car in 1967.

Toyota avoids Century becoming a symbol of excess and instead takes a quiet approach. There’s something to be said for elegance without boasting about it! And at $180,000, Century is a little more accessible than some of its peers.

Attention to detail is the name of Toyota’s game with Century, and only about 50 of these vehicles roll off the assembly line each month at the factory in Japan’s Shizuoka prefecture. You certainly cannot rush or take lightly the design and production of the Toyota Century. The paint job on the Century is meticulous and detailed – the painting and polishing by hand really make the Toyota Century shine, in a pun.

The dignified way that Toyota intentionally designed the Century made other luxury cars take notice. Century’s design must keep its passengers in mind. The back seat must be in perfect condition to outmaneuver important government officials, the Prime Minister of Japan and the Japanese royal family. The rear seats can recline and are often upholstered in wool – the leather doesn’t seem to be soft enough to sit in.

Passengers will find a 20-inch display to activate feature controls and watch movies:

better than anything you’ll find strapped to the back of an airplane seat. The Century’s passenger seat is fitted with a massager as well as a climate control system to optimize comfort. Do doors open electronically, because we all know how remarkable the sound of mechanical opening and closing can be, right? And that, my friends, sums up the luxury of a Toyota Century in one sentence.

Although the Toyota Century is only sold in Japan (unless you incur high import fees and taxes), we should never overlook the luxury side of the Japanese car market. Most digital car enthusiasts know Audi, Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Porsche as examples of classic German luxury. JDM has a fair share of luxury sedans that you should also consider! For any impressive Mercedes E-Class, you can easily find a Japanese equivalent worth your consideration.

Although the Toyota Century falls into the category of timeless luxury sedans, a sleek Infiniti Q50 isn’t a bad choice.


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