The Ultimate Guide to DNA Testing

Do you want to learn more about DNA testing’s beginnings? If you’re hesitant, it makes sense since there is much contradictory information online regarding the best firm to use and how to do a DNA test for ancestry. We will outline my ideal approach to DNA testing in this essay. It will enable you to get the most out of what you can learn from your particular DNA while saving you money and effort.

DNA Testing for Beginners: The Ultimate Testing Plan

We’ll briefly discuss the variations across DNA testing firms at the beginning of this piece. Then I’ll disclose to you my ultimate DNA testing method at the conclusion to assist you in getting the most value for your money. The firms offering DNA testing below are reputable and have a solid track record. We are hesitant to suggest a business if it is not presently included on this list:

  • DNA 23 and Me and Ancestry
  • DNA Family Tree My Heritage
  • alive DNA

Even if all of those businesses are reliable, provide a comparable service, and will give you comparable findings, there are still other crucial factors to think about when choosing which DNA test to purchase. Besides, most people can’t afford to get five DNA tests, and money doesn’t grow on trees!

What Is the Finest DNA Testing Business?

Although there are hundreds of reasons why someone (including you) would wish to take a DNA test, the reasons listed above are some of the more often ones we hear. We’ve included my suggestions for some of these highly frequent scenarios in the chart below:

Free DNA testing guidelines for different circumstances. Don’t go just yet—we haven’t yet revealed my ideal DNA testing plan. You’ll be able to discover anything that you want to know about your DNA and family history while saving time and money.

What Is the Most Effective DNA Testing Plan?

You may download and upload your DNA data to other websites via all major choice DNA testing firms, including Ancestry DNA. This implies that you may test with only one or two organizations and then submit your data to the other companies for free or a small price, as well as a few other websites, giving you access to almost the same data that you would have if you had spent more than $600-700 on testing.

For your First DNA Test, Decide Between Ancestry DNA and 23 and Me.

Ancestry DNA and 23 and Me are the only two businesses on the list that will never accept uploads. Thus you should choose one of these two businesses to do your DNA test. Ancestry DNA is the ideal option if you’re seeking biological relatives, suspect someone (like a half-sibling) may be out there and may have taken a DNA test, or are interested in doing extensive family history research. Additionally, creating a family tree is a snap because of the strength of DNA testing and the millions of family trees on their website.

But what if you are confident in your family history and are more interested in discovering what can be discovered about the health data in your DNA? Your DNA does include information about your health, and the Health + Ancestry test from 23 and Me provides a wealth of health, trait, and carrier data. The full complement of DNA ancestry testing features is also available from 23 and Me, including an excellent assessment of the makeup of a person’s ancestry and a DNA match list that includes matches from their sizable database.

Alternately, Test With 23 And Me and Ancestry DNA.

If you can afford it, consider taking a DNA test from 23 and Me and Ancestry DNA. You may access the extensive Ancestry DNA database and family tree data as well as the 23 and Me database and health data by testing with both firms.

Additionally, those who are adopted or looking for biological relations are advised to use this tactic. It’s better to have our DNA in all databases since we need to know which firm our ancestors chose to use for their DNA test. After you’ve decided, keep reading to find out what to do.

Publish Your DNA On as Many Websites as You Can

After receiving your 23 and Me or Ancestry DNA findings, you may obtain your DNA information and upload it to the following websites owned by businesses that also provide DNA testing. Because these sites allow uploads from a variety of testing firms (such as 23 and Me or Ancestry DNA), you may get DNA matches that are not available on the websites of your original testing companies:

You will have access to all of the tools and DNA databases if you test with either 23andMe or Ancestry DNA (or both) and then upload your DNA to the websites. You will only need to spend between $100 and $319, but you will have access to the same amount of information through DNA matches as if you had spent up to $700.

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