The Ultimate Guide to Find the Best Women’s Athleisure Shoes

Women's Athleisure Shoes
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Athleisure wear is a trendy fashion that has spread across the globe. If you haven’t heard the term “athleisure”, you might notice the rapid increase in utilizing activewear as everyday wear. The best part about this latest fashion trend is that it’s both functional and stylish. The amalgamation of comfy, breathable women’s athleisure shoes with the right accessories can create a rock-chic and contemporary look. It makes sense why this casually fashionable apparent movement is popular worldwide.

In this new era of sustainable fashion, everyday wear comes with more breathable, versatile fabrics, and revolutionary sneakers are replaced by uncomfortable, conventional footwear. Now, it’s time to say goodbye to painful feet, blisters, and injuries caused by uncomfortable shoes and embrace the supportive and super-cushioned athleisure shoes that provide irresistible comfort. In light of this, it’s critical to opt for the best women’s athleisure shoes to complete your sporty wardrobe, and this guide will assist you in finding the one to fulfill your needs and bring better athleisure into play.

Buying Guide: How to Get the Best Women’s Athleisure Shoes?


This is the most significant factor that needs to be considered when buying a new pair of athleisure shoes. The right fit can provide your feet with the accurate support and grip they need to perform their daily activities. In addition, perfectly-fitted footwear must have sufficient space for your toes to wiggle when running, trekking, walking or jogging. Therefore, before you start searching for “the best women’s athleisure shoes,” it’s strongly recommended to have your feet measured by a specialist.

Cushioning Women’s Athleisure Shoes

The second important factor is cushioning. You need to purchase sneakers that provide ultra-cushioning to prevent foot aches. These days, several brands are manufacturing cushioned soles with various materials such as gel, memory foam, and soft leather. All these materials make the insoles practical for workouts, gyms, running, and other sporting activities.

Others are more like aerobic sneakers with greater bounce and cushy foam inside, while some have a thinner cushion for a more grounded feel. Before selecting your sneakers, consider your everyday activities.


The best winter sneakers for women must offer versatility so that women can wear them with different outfits. With a good fashion sense, one needs to choose a style that goes with everything in her wardrobe. Check your wardrobe and consider the ensembles you love wearing the most.

Nowadays, hybrid athleisure shoes are trendier and can be worn on various occasions. In addition, women’s sneakers are available in uber-chic designs and tranquil hues that can also be coordinated with jumpsuits, floral dresses, skirts, blouses, jeans, and tops.


In order to get a strong road grip, we can’t skip this factor either. Look for athleisure shoes that provide extreme road grip and maximum support for all types of surfaces, including smooth wooden studio areas, grittier or bumpier roads, and polished tile floors. EVA and TPR outsoles offer the best grip, durability, and resistance all day long, no matter where you go. Since you’ll be wearing sportswear for all of your daily activities, a sneaker with a good outsole will help you pull off the athleisure trend without a hitch.

Arch Support

Women who have flat feet should definitely look for this feature when buying a pair of athleisure shoes. Shoes with arch-support functionality help enhance your posture while stabilizing your feet. Arch supports help evenly distribute that pressure by putting some of that pressure into the arches of your feet versus leaving all the pressure in the heel and ball of the feet. If the pain in your feet, legs, and back is reduced by wearing athletic shoes with arch supports, you may discover that you are more productive and attentive to the tasks at hand.


Athleisure shoes must provide sufficient breathability to avoid any complications. In recent years, these shoes are constructed with lightweight and ultra-breathable materials like fly knit and sandwich mesh that prevent foot fungus while giving you an easy-walking experience. Breathable mesh is a material used on the upper surface for air ventilation. Thus, wear shoes that are constructed with light and breathable materials.  

These days, athletic shoes are the most popular footwear option since they are comfortable, lightweight, and stylish. Consider the above-mentioned factors when looking for athleisure shoes to go with stylish athleisure attire.

If you are looking for the coziest and most stylish women’s athleisure shoes, Glanz Designs has just launched its winter range of super-breathable and ultra-comfortable women’s athletic shoes bathed in exquisite shades. From sneakers to slip-on and athleisure shoes, the brand is offering a versatile selection, ideal for women of all ages.


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