The Undeniable Charm Of A Book

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Books indeed can be the best companions one can ask for. Especially fiction books. You can get lost in the prose and the world depicted in those papers. They become more than just papers. They become the gateway to another new universe. We identify with the characters to such an extent that it would almost feel like we know them like the back of our hands. Anyone can become a reader by picking up old or new releases in fiction. Reading has a plethora of benefits.

A New Perspective

The author of the famous series ‘A Song Of Ice & Fire’ by George R. R. Martin has famously said, that a reader lives a hundred lives but the one who does not read, lives none but their own. Reading fiction can help the reader live the lives of the characters. Throughout a fiction book, the characters have to face several events. We know how hardships are the only way to evolve as a person. Similarly, the characters also go through several hardships that can serve as a metamorphosis from the first page to the final page, or till their last moment if they get killed off.

Books can help the reader draw parallels to what they are going through. They may be neck-deep in their hardships but reading about those that they are reading their characters are facing, can give the readers a new perspective. What the readers are going through may also be similar to what the characters are facing but in some cases, the latter may find ways to deal with the problem. This can motivate the reader to tackle their problems similarly. Reading fiction is not only for escape.

Everyone has their opinions. Some people hold on to their opinions stubbornly. This is a common occurrence. They may even read about characters who may have similar opinions. In this case, the reader can identify with the same. However, when reading about characters that had the same opinion as the reader and then changing it as the character grows can be a little awkward for everyone. This is where one of the grandeurs of reading fiction lies. Changing an opinion involves a rewiring of the brain which is difficult. Change is uncomfortable, both physical as well as mental. And in this case, the reader may realize that the opinion he had been harbouring could be controversial. This is how books can bring about a change in the psyche of the character. 

A Much-Needed Escape

We all have lives and struggles. Books can be tremendous stress-busters after a long tiring day at work or college, or a tiring day in general. It is not easy trying to survive and many of us just want to switch off the real world and dive into the reality of the books. It can put us in a fantasy world full of mythical creatures or it can put us in a country we have never been to. The words describing the surroundings make them come alive. The narratives of the stories tickle the sensitivity of the readers in a subtle as well as a not-so-subtle manner. We can get lost in the world created by the writer and in the lives of the characters. We sympathize with the characters and their daily life problems. 

Mathematics In Engineering

Mathematics is more than just solving numerical problems. Engineers use mathematics like humans use oxygen for survival. Engineering mathematics can be tricky so their foundation in the subject is pretty strong to tackle this complex game of numbers. For students who want to make their career as an engineer, then they would have to live and breathe mathematics. You can books that cover mathematics for engineers on e-commerce websites on the internet easily. 

How Is Mathematics Important In Engineering?

Engineering systems are non-linear and mathematics is used to solve such systems. The concept of mathematics is related closely to algorithms of modern simulation software such as matrix algebra or linear algebra. Here are the applications of mathematics in engineering.

  • Civil Engineering: Algebra is used daily and the work generally revolves around differential equations, calculus, and statistics. The chemistry of materials is one of the focal points of civil engineering. Engineers measure the strength of the material to find if it can be used for the project. To survey the structure, trigonometry is used where the elevation of the land and angles are taken into consideration.
  • Mechanical Engineering: Calculus is applied for figuring out the mechanics of vibration as well as the velocity and acceleration of the vibrating object. Simultaneous linear equations and differential equations are used to find out how the nodes get displaced during vibration. Mathematics for engineers is a vast area and it finds a range of applications in these fields. 


Education is without a doubt important to have a career. People get so consumed in preparing themselves that they can tend to overlook the necessity to get some time to unwind. Reading can be a very good pastime that can be equally educational. Getting old of old or new releases in fiction can generate a reading hobby that can be instrumental in broadening our mindset.


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