The Value Of Team-Building Skills In The Commercial Cookery Industry

The Value of Team-Building Skills in the Commercial Cookery Industry
The Value of Team-Building Skills in the Commercial Cookery Industry

Unity we stand, divided we fall. Though the phrase is quite old, it has not lost its value to date. Teamwork is essential to the success of an organisation. The collaboration of individual inputs and the combined teamwork makes companies achieve difficult and desired business goals.

Teamwork is essential to any industry, and it is applicable to the commercial cookery industry as well. In this sector, coordinated teamwork becomes all the more important to provide the best of the best services to customers. That’s why candidates having exceptional teamwork skills are preferred over individuals shying away from working in teams.

These skills are strategically taught in the commercial cookery courses in Perth, so if you want to pursue a career in this industry, you can enrol in these courses in any of the top institutes in Perth.

Now let’s discuss how team-building skills help add value to a cookery company and every employee.

Continuous Learning

A team sets the perfect environment for continuous learning. Teamwork promotes shared knowledge in the workplace and helps each team member pick up skills from the other team members. You share your personal discoveries with the team, nurturing both individual and team knowledge.

Reduced Workload

When working as a team in the food industry, every member understands their duties which helps in reducing the overall workload. A team is better at executing tasks as team members bring their individual talents to the table and plan on the possible solutions together. That way, no single member has to carry the pressure of handling all the aspects of a task. The execution time of a job also drastically reduces when working as a team.

Trust Building

Trust plays an essential factor in a team. For the effective functioning of a team, each team member should be able to trust every other team member. Trust provides a sense of safety, allowing an idea to grow and encouraging team members to communicate openly.

Open and free communication helps in breaking down intricate and complex tasks and devising practical solutions. If anything goes wrong, every member shares the accountability, and the same goes for winnings.

A New Perspective

An individual gains a cooking certificate and enters the industry. After years of working, he/she gets used to the same repetitive work processes and keeps away from any kind of change. However, when one gets a chance to work in a team, the person is exposed to different perspectives to look at things and situations differently. That way, he/she promotes change and gets into a never-ending learning cycle.

Enhanced Productivity

Team building positively affects productivity levels both qualitatively and quantitatively. The team performance improves, and the overall revenue of the organisation is elevated and meets the estimated targets or more.

Healthy Competition

Competition makes people perform better. It works for the cookery industry as well. Team building brings out the competitive sides of the members. When a task is delegated to a team, different team members try to give their best effort in order to grab attention. That way, the productivity of the team enhances and promotes positive team spirit.

Conflict Resolution

Disagreements are inevitable when working in a team. It depends upon team members whether they want to fix the issues or let them escalate into disputes.

However, conflicts can be constructive as well. Disagreements typically brew up when individuals from diverse backgrounds work together. The way to resolve such conflicts is that a team should be open to discussions and let people present their individual opinions and perspectives. That way, team members can fuse different skills, opinions and experiences and achieve better and unique results.

Enhanced Company Culture

Strong team-building skills enhance the organisational culture of a cookery company. People feel more included when working within a team which makes for a positive work environment. The toxicity levels drop, and everyone feels more contented and satisfied.

Bridging Gaps Across Departments

Team building skills not only help to establish connections within a department but transcend across different cookery units. Effective communication among various food departments, sales team, management unit, finance team and others promotes transparency and benefits the productivity of the company.

Leadership Potential

Employees may have hidden talents and creative sides apart from their job skills. Simple team building activities may unravel those talents. Some may discover leadership potential in themselves, so with the proper guidance, encouragement and development opportunities, an employer can give rise to new leaders with immense capabilities.

Cookery Courses Through Which Individuals Can Learn Team-building

There are primarily two commercial cookery courses that help individuals learn the essential skills of cooking and prepare them for various job roles in this industry. They are:

  • Certificate III in Commercial Cookery

The Certificate 3 in Commercial Cookery provides individuals with practical cooking knowledge and skills required to safely work in a commercial kitchen setting.

Besides the practical skills, the following soft skills are also instilled into the students:

  • Communication
  • Hygiene
  • Teamwork
  • Conflict resolution
  • Time management

The course comprises classroom-based learning sessions and practical training, preparing students for the abundant opportunities that the hospitality industry has to offer.

  • Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery

Certificate 4 integrates most of the core study units of Certificate 3 and strengthens the knowledge and skills acquired through these units.

The Certificate 4 in Commercial Cookery prepares an individual for a supervisory role in a commercial kitchen environment like chef de partie (chef). Here are the other focus areas of this course:

  • Finance
  • Management
  • Marketing Team
  • Leadership

With these skills, an individual is well-prepared to secure more lucrative, senior job roles in the hospitality industry or even set up his/her own cafe or restaurant.

Closing Thoughts

The above points clearly justify why cookery companies focus so much on team-building skills and assess candidates on their ability to work in team settings.

If you want to pursue a career in this industry, you should enrol in cookery courses in Perth in any top training institute in the city.

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