The Wabenhonig


The Wabenhonig has a lot of advantages over other honigs. It has a full standardized reife process, contains Bienenwachs, Propolis and Bienenbrot, and has a unique taste. The taste depends on the plants that are used for production.

Price of Wabenhonig

The term Wabenhonig is used to refer to a type of honey. Wabenhonig can be either tabellar or in glass form. In some cases, Wabenhonig is preferred over honey that has been extracted. In other cases, Wabenhonig is simply honey that has been processed.

Pergamo Wabenhonig is 100% naturbelassen

Pergamo Wabenhonig has a full-bodied aroma and a natural bio-certification. It is a sustainable, natural product cultivated in the northern Bulgarian forests. It can be used in many dishes, such as desserts and Heissgetranks.

Pergamo Wabenhonig is a natural product

Pergamo Wabenhonig (Wabenahong) is a 100% natural product that contains no added chemicals or additives. It is produced in an environmentally friendly way, using bio-certified lavendelfields in the North of Bulgaria. Pergamo Wabenhonig has a full and intense aroma, and is suitable for both savory and sweet dishes.

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