There are different methods of writing Guest articles as follows!

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How do I submit a guest post? The steps you can’t miss!

Jumping headfirst into guest blogging is not an effective method, it’s best to proceed one step at a time to ensure the success of each guest post you submit. So, to have satisfactory results, I invite you to follow this process.

Step 1: Before proposing the guest article

1) Define your goals

The first thing you should do before writing guest posts is to determine the goals you want to achieve. In fact, guest blogging allows you to improve:

  1. Short-term traffic – increase in the number of visitors to your website;
  2. Natural referencing : gaining space in the SERP ranking thanks to backlinks;
  3. The level of experience in your topic : Make your blog and your experience known.   

Before thinking about the question of “how to find a blog to write your guest articles?”, first think about defining the goal you want to achieve among the three mentioned above.

For example, when you want to increase traffic to your website, you can only choose websites that enjoy high traffic .

If you want to highlight your expertise on the topic, you can target blogs with a particularly engaged audience: The Community Engagement Level . In fact, exchanges through comments, shares… are good ways to create your own highly engaged audience.

Finally, if you decide to act on your natural referral, guest blogging with a lot of authority is a paid strategy.

These are of course some scenarios and your goals can be a simple combination of the three mentioned above. But to achieve all three of these goals at once, you need to choose the most relevant blogs, and the next step can help you do just that.

2) Find the blogs for your guest posts

Several techniques can allow you to find the websites on which you will post your guest articles. First of all, keep in mind that very large sites like Hubspot do guest blogging and it’s a good idea to do your research properly to get the most authoritative blogs possible. To do this, I present the six methods that I find most interesting.

Method 1: Google Search
2 Taper Article invite in google

This is one of the easiest methods to use and involves directly searching for sites that clearly state that they accept guest posts . To do this, do a Google search and add to your topic keywords like:

  • guest article + your theme ;
  • Guest editor + your topic;
  • Article written by + your subject;
  • Guest blogging + your topic;
  • Become a contributor + your topic;
3 Result in tappant article invite SEO
Method 2: Use the referring website
4 Recherche meilleur blog SEO Google

In your topic, there are probably a few blogs that you consider references . Make a list of these blogs and check whether or not they accept guest posts.

When some blogs do not explicitly show that they receive guest posts, this does not necessarily imply that they disavow guest blogs. To do this, you can try to make them a proposal directly that they may well accept.

Method 3: Spy on the sites

Spying on your competitors means checking to see if they guest blog and identify the blogs where they guest post. In fact, you only need to see the backlinks your competitors are receiving and where they are coming from. To do this, you can use various tools including:

  • ahrefs ;
  • Link explorer ;
  • Etc…

To go deeper into the topic, you can check out this resource by Neil Patel . In fact, studying his competitor’s links is likely to give you some very good ideas about the websites where he will post his next guest posts.

Method 4: Get inspired by a blogger you like
5 Chercher endroit of publication article invite

This method is to check if your favorite bloggers are also guest bloggers . In fact, some people dedicate a special page to articles they’ve posted elsewhere, which can help you easily find the sites they post on.

Also, you can take your research on these bloggers a bit further by going to Google without forgetting about social media. The idea is to pay attention to the profile of these bloggers to determine if they use the same profile photo almost everywhere. This allows you to search through their image and find the sites they are active on.

Method 5: Refer to your community

When your website or blog has some visibility, you will surely get comments and interactions with your readers. In fact, you may have readers who have blogs that are perfect for hosting your guest posts .

Therefore, be careful to investigate those who comment on your posts. They will be more inclined to publish your articles when you are used to providing them with very qualitative content.   

Method 6: Being interviewed as a blogger

Admittedly, this method is a bit different from writing guest posts, but it could complement it well. In fact, there are websites that always offer blogger interviews with the aim of improving their visibility.

This is a very interesting alternative and to find this type of website, you just have to search on Google :

  • blogger interview;
  • I interview bloggers;
  • Etc…

To know the procedure to follow to be interviewed even if you have just launched your blog, take a look at this Smartblogger resource . In addition to making yourself known, this option also allows you to:

  • Have quality links;
  • To show your experience;
  • To generate traffic.

Choose the most relevant blogs for your guest posts

With the tips above, you were probably able to find several blogs that can host your posts. Now you need to sort to select only those that are most relevant to your guest post. To do this, I invite you to take into account four criteria, which are the most important in my opinion.

A blog that accepts guest posts

This is obviously the first criteria for your article to be published. In fact, not being an obligation, several blogs do not accept guest posts, but at the same time, some blogs do not explicitly state that they accept them even if they do.

This is an example of the guest post page hosted by the ÉOLE Paris brand, which offers posts on menswear topics.

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