There are Five Types of Bathrooms

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Last updated on September 23rd, 2022 at 05:57 am

If Before you purchase, sell, remodel, or build a house, it is important to be familiar with the various types of bathrooms. A majority of houses have at least one type of bathroom: a full or three-quarter-bathroom or a half bathroom.

When looking at homes, homebuyers take into account many factors. The most important factor is the bathroom type. Bathroom types can tell potential homebuyers if the house has enough space to hold six people. The bathroom types will help you determine the value of your house when it comes time to sell. It is possible to estimate the cost of remodeling or building a bathroom.

Calculating the bathroom types

Each bathroom component is one-quarter of the same size as the other. This includes the shower, toilet, sink and bathtub.

Four components make up a full bathroom.

The four elements of a pie are basically the same as slices. The whole pie is complete when all four components are combined. A complete bathroom contains all four components. Three-quarter bathrooms are made up of three components. These two components make up a half-bathroom.

On real estate listings, the bathroom type is often expressed in decimal numbers. A half-bathroom could be listed with an area of 0.5 bath, while a three quarter bath might be listed as having a 0.75 bath. These two numbers can sometimes be combined to create a 1.75 bathroom combination.

A bathroom component almost always includes a no clog toilet. A half-bathroom layout will usually include a toilet and a sink. A half-bathroom won’t usually have a sink or shower.

Combinations of a shower and a bathtub

You have the option to have your bathtub separately or together. If the shower and bathtub are combined, they can still be accounted for as one unit. A bathtub/shower should have a lower faucet in the bathtub and a higher head in the shower. The controls for the bathtub and shower are the same.

Bathrooms with full bathrooms

The full bathroom includes a toilet, sink, and shower.

Most homes have at minimum one bathroom. A full bathroom is useful and versatile because it can pack many functions into a small area. A bathroom is more common in two-bedroom homes that have a low or moderately priced bathroom.

The full bathroom includes a non clog toilet, sink, and shower.

Primary bathrooms

The largest or principal bedroom is considered a primary bathroom. An attached bathroom is a bathroom that has an en-suite. You can choose to have a full-sized or a three-quarter bathroom in your primary bathroom.

This door opens to the main bedroom. The bathroom is accessible via a second door. Sometimes the second door can be left open. If this happens, the toilet can be enclosed and protected with a door.

A primary bathroom is a great addition to a home that has at least one bathroom. A home may only have one primary bathroom. It is difficult to not use the primary bedroom at nights to access the bathroom.

About This Term: Primary Bedroom

According to the National Association of Home Builders the term “Master Bedroom”, is discriminatory. Real estate professionals are now more comfortable using the term “Primary Bedroom”, as it better reflects the use and purpose of the room.

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Three-Quarter Bathrooms

Three quarter bathrooms have a toilet, sink, and either a separate bathtub or a shower.

This third component is often found in bathrooms without bathtubs. This is how the three-quarter and full bathrooms are combined.


Half-bathrooms have a sink and toilet.

A half-bathroom is also known as a powder room or guest bathroom. Half-bathrooms have the advantage that guests can use the bathroom to wash their hands and not need to go into the bedroom. Bathrooms are private and can be used for personal items such as medicines or clothing.

Visitors can only use half-bathrooms for short periods so there is limited storage space.

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A quarter-bathroom is a small space with either a toilet or a shower stall. Quarter bathrooms also include utility toilets, utility bathrooms, and utility showers.

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Quarter-bathrooms are often found in basements or lower levels of older homes. These bathrooms are usually installed by homeowners, and not by original builders. A quarter-bathroom allows a homeowner to use the bathroom to do outside work or to provide a handyman with a small corner toilets or shower without having to go through the entire house.For more information on home designs check out Carlisle Homes

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