They launch the “Mural Contest” to promote teamwork and train in values

Wall Murals Fairfax, VA

Since time immemorial, murals have contributed to telling part of the history of cultures and today, they continue to speak, reflecting feelings, spirits of an era, contributing as an alternative means of communication and the voice of a community. For this reason, the Regional Hospital of Paraguarí carries out the second contest of murals for students of the average of three educational institutions. 

Lic. Laura Fleitas, in charge of the Zona Joven Adolescence clinic, reported that the contest started on September 25, where several students began their paintings on the walls of the service room of the aforementioned hospital.

Youth and children’s bedrooms

Fleitas explained that the activity seeks to contribute to the formation of ethics and values, using art as a medium and promoting teamwork, enabling the creation of works of collective inspiration, which allow students to: identify, analyze and exchange experiences on ethics, values, different types of violence, among others.

In this way, it is not only intended to sensitize the educational community but also the general population on the issues mentioned above.

The youngsters have until September 30 to finish their work with symbolic messages. Subsequently, the images of the Wall Murals Fairfax, VA finished by the students will be shared on the Facebook page called “Servicio de Atención Integral al Adolescente Zona Joven” for a week for voting. The photo with the most “Likes” will be the winner. 

As a reward, students will receive trophies and all participants a certificate of recognition.

Murals are painted in different parts of Quito

A young man paints a mural referring to nature as part of the project of the Secretariat of Inclusion of the Municipality of Quito. Photo: Courtesy Inclusion Secretary

The Secretariat for Social Inclusion promotes the Quito, city of colors and opportunities project, which consists of working with priority attention groups for the recovery of public spaces.

This initiative began on Saturday, November 20, 2021, and people with pre-release, adolescents with non-custodial measures, people in a condition of human mobility, unemployed youth and urban art collectives participate.

Fernando Sanchez, secretary of Inclusion, points out that 220 people participate in this project who are socially involved through community work and arises with the initiative to illuminate Quito to generate positive emotions in citizens through murals.

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