Things to consider before choosing drawer channel manufacturers

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The drawer units and drawers for office cabinets and desks are fundamental elements for organizing the work area. A disorganized environment results in low productivity, and custom office furniture, filing cabinets, and drawers become the worker’s allies. In the Foldeco catalog, you can choose between different models of drawers for office cabinets, desks, and drawer units, with different machining and the incorporation of internal classifiers.

When organizing an office, the choice of the most visible elements prevails a comfortable chair and a large desk, where to place the computer and keyboard easily. Try to imagine what your desk would look like inundated with letters, papers, and other objects, and multiply that clutter in a crowded office, with adjoining desks and shared workspaces. Choosing the drawer channel manufacturers and storage spaces is just as important as the ergonomic chair.

Despite the irruption of work in the cloud, with shared files on the internet, paper documentation is inevitable in any office and needs to be organized. In the same way that stationery and electronic devices (pen drives, mobile chargers, cables, etc.) need their own storage space so that only the elements they will use on their desk remain given to the worker.

Characteristics of the drawers for office and office cabinets

In furniture for regular use, at home or work, aesthetics is part of ergonomics.

The main characteristic that a product such as office drawers must have is long-term resistance. It is an element subjected to constant tension during the working day. It is enough to calculate how often the drawers in a work center’s desks and filing cabinets are opened and closed. In addition to the abruptness, it is also necessary to take into account the frequency of use and the weight of the objects and documents stored in them.

The drawer units and drawers for the office cabinet and chair in bedroom ideas are designed with structural robustness and different fittings, guides, machining, and drilling lines in the wood to install locks if necessary.

For a perfect adaptation to the aesthetic line of the office or office, Foldeco drawer units offer textures and finishes in multiple shades, among which are:

•           Aluminum.

•           Anthracite.

•           White.

•           Beige.

•           Storm gray.

•           Beech.

•           Linen.

•           Textile brown.

•           Oak.

•           Sapelli.

The models of drawers for your office cabinet are manufactured according to the needs of the work that they are going to do, and also to fit into the available space. An office is a changing environment, with frequent workspace suction depending on the needs at

Custom drawer units on wheels make it easy to relocate and move documents and stationery. It can be made to measure, with a variable number of drawers. Also with a height less than the desk, to hide it from sight; or at the same level, to obtain an extension of the space in the form of an additional table. In these cases, the finish is essential to combine with the rest of the furniture.

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