Things to consider before installing a stairlift


We all know that the installation of stairlifts to ascend and descend staircases is an extremely reasonable and cheap way, especially for elders and people with health issues. The user climbs by using an attached seat or chair which uses the railing to climb and slide down the stairs.

The best part is that it is simple to install and remove after use without requiring any structural improvements or other significant changes to the building, so it can be used for your  permanent or temporary requirements. But always keep in mind that certain considerations should be carefully considered before purchasing and installing a stairlift. Keep reading to know more about it!

Why Should Stair Lifts Be There?

Usually due to the lower mobility, weakening muscles, and lack of stability, some seniors might find the stairs to be too challenging to walk. The stairs at home consequently become a regular burden and were eventually avoided then.

Sometimes seniors may think about downsizing to a one-story house or relocating to a retirement community when climbing stairs becomes difficult. But what if you can offer them a quick solution? Fortunately, Installing a stair lift offers a simple, affordable option. Here are some things to consider while installing a stair lift in Philadelphia and other parts of the country.

Things To Consider While Installing Stair Lift

  • Choose a reputed company/brand

The benefit of buying a stairlift from a reputable company is that they provide a variety of stairlift models from leading manufacturers, allowing you to select the one that best suits your needs. The necessity for frequent repairs and maintenance can be minimized because these products are premium grade, safe, and dependable.

For you to truly experience how the stair lift works, some businesses typically have samples of operational stair lifts in their showroom. They may offer expert installation services together with specific project designs. To keep your equipment in top working condition, their factory-trained and certified specialists can provide effective and prompt repairs, maintenance, and testing assistance.

  • Look for a suitable type

Both straight and curved stair lifts are available. Straight stair lifts are mounted to the railing of a staircase that runs vertically from top to bottom. Any staircase with a bend or curve, an intermediary landing, a change in direction, or an inclination of any kind should be equipped with a curved stair lift. So pick a proper stair lift based on the kind of staircase you have.

  • Consider the weight capacity

You need to take your stairlift’s weight capability into account. You must select a stair lift with a maximum weight capacity if you are buying it for a heavy user. The typical weight capacity is between 250 and 600 pounds. Bothersome for heavy users, a stair lift with a limited maximum weight capacity travels too slowly.

  • Check the safety features

To offer a secure and enjoyable trip, the stairlift should include specific safety elements. These include a detachable seat belt, seat wobbles and locks for safe on and off seating, a blockage sensor, an over-speed governor, rail extension brackets to prevent obstacles at the top landing, an anti-slip footrest, an emergency braking button, carriage, and footrest safety switches, and battery operation with constant charge.

  • Staircase Dimensions

The max length for the majority of stair lift models is indicated in the brochure and corresponds roughly to the length of the rail they travel on. Any straight-track stair lift should typically be able to manage a flight of stairs up to 16 feet in length, however, anything longer than that may require additional installation work. Your stairwell’s width and height have an impact as well. Make sure you go through all the necessary elements then go for the final purchase.

  • Budget

Your budget will determine the parameters for your stair lift selection process, making it crucial to understand what to expect in terms of prices. Budgeting is a key component of any home renovation project.

Bottom Line

Before making a final buying decision, there are many factors to take into account if you’re considering installing a stair lift. Your choice of lifts is influenced by a variety of elements, including the length of your staircase, the weight the lift must lift, and even the amount of electricity you can afford to consume each month. So if you’re someone looking forward to buying the best stairlifts in Philadelphia then seek out the best!

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