Things to do in Fujairah and Near By Places

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Fujairah is one of the UAE’s seven emirates and is the country’s best-kept secret. Its beautiful nature and tourist attractions will make you laugh and there are several things to do in Fujairah after visiting Desert Safari Dubai. Going to Fujairah or the surrounding area is an excellent idea if you want a break from your fast-paced life.

Below is a list of the best things to do in this beautiful city, so let’s go check them out!

Things to do Near Fujairah

Fujairah is close to a lot of fun places where you can spend your time to the fullest. Here are some great things to do around Fujairah City, so prepare for a fun trip!

1. Going to Snoopy Island

One of the best places to visit in the UAE is Snoopy Island, which is close to Fujairah. It has clear blue water that lets you do many things on the beach and in the water. Also, the water on Snoopy Island is warm even in the winter, so you can go there whenever you want.

Snorkeling at Snoopy Island

Exploring the world under the sea is always a cool thing to do. If you have never snorkeled, Snoopy Island is the best place near Fujairah to try it. Can you imagine getting close to the beautiful small fish and colorful coral reefs? It’s something that blows your mind!

Kayaking at Snoopy Island

Have you ever thought about paddling a kayak in a clear sea? It would be cool to try it. For kayaking around Fujairah, Snoopy Island is the best place to go. It’s fantastic that you can see the fish in the water while kayaking because the water is so clear. Prepare your pack and go kayaking!

2. Hiking Hajar Mountains

It’s a good idea to go hiking near Fujairah, whether you’re an experienced hiker or want to try something new and get out of your comfort zone. There are more than 9 different hiking trails in these mountains, so it’s an excellent place to go hiking whether you’re a beginner or have been doing it for a long time.

3. Parasailing over Khorfakkan Beach

The most fun thing to do in Fujairah is to go parasailing. It is a water sport usually played at Khorfakkan beach, with the right equipment for it. It’s like flying over the ocean, but you don’t have to worry about safety because all the precautions consider first. People from Fujairah and the other emirates close by come to this exciting event. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime thing that you’ll want to do over and over again.

Things to Do at Fujairah

This beautiful city on the coast is the best place to have unforgettable experiences and relax. Fujairah has everything you need, whether you want to try something new or want to relax. We put together this list of things to do in Fujairah so you can choose what you want to do.

Scuba Diving

Why not try something new? Doesn’t this sound interesting? In Fujairah, people like to go diving. It’s not an everyday thing; when you’re in Fujairah, it’s different and exciting! In Fujairah, you have to check out the world under the sea. You will be close to sharks, turtles, and other exciting creatures when you dive.

Taking a trip to Aqua Bounce

Games and water sports are always fun. Not just the kids like it, but all of us do. Not only that, but Aqua Bounce is also the place to go in Fujairah if you want to try jet ski.

Ziplining over Fujairah

If you like doing little scary things, you’ll love Ziplining in Fujairah. Jebel Jais Flight, which goes from Fujairah to Ras Al Khaimah, is one of the most extended zip lines. You will do something new like hang from a wire above the Hajar Mountains until you reach another city. If you try this adventure sport in Fujairah, it’s so exciting that you’ll get a rush of adrenaline.

People fish in Dibba

Fishing is fun, and Dibba Fujairah’s Deep Sea is a great place to do it. It is famous for having deep water where different kinds of fish live. If this is your first fishing, you might want to take a fishing boat trip in Fujairah. Just get your fishing gear ready so that you can catch new kinds of fish by the end of the day.

Going to Hydro Water Sports for a Day

Fujairah is famous for its beautiful beaches. You can have a great time at this fantastic beach because there are many things to do and excellent service. Don’t worry, and you won’t get bored there? This is a great place to play Hydro water sports in Fujairah, and it’s a lot of fun. Now it’s easy to decide where you and your friends will go on the weekend, right?

Take a look around the Fujairah Museum

The Fujairah Museum is one of the best places to visit in Fujairah, and it’s also a tourist spot. It has three rooms with different themes and different things in each one. This old museum is a lot of fun to look around in. You can also go on a Fujairah city tour, including the Fujairah Museum and many of the city’s other sights.

Visiting the old fort in Fujairah

Fujairah Historic Fort is an excellent place to go if you have an interest in history. It’s free to get in, so everyone can enjoy going there. Also, the architecture will make you feel like you’ve returned to an ancient time. It’s not a typical fast-paced trip but a unique one. You won’t be sorry to go there for a change!

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Having a good time at The Retreat Camp Fujairah

How about camping so you can enjoy nature but still access modern conveniences? This is cool and easy to do! At The Retreat Camp Fujairah, you have the chance to take a break from your busy life and enjoy some peace and quiet. It is a simple place near the ocean and the mountains. The camp is so cozy that you will love it for sure.

Here are some different things to do in and around Fujairah. No matter what you like or how much money you have, the items on the list above will work for you.

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