Things You Should Know About Geometry Dash Lite


The Swedish independent video game developer Robert Topala, often known as RobTop, launched Geometry Dash on August 12, 2013, and it is a musical platformer. One dollar and 89 cents were spent on the game. RobTop made the decision to cash in on the game’s enormous popularity by creating a free spinoff edition of it called Geometry Dash Lite. Having said that, if you have been playing this game for a while and are looking for ways to unlock the many in-game secrets, feel free to jump forward to the methods provided lower down. Before moving on to the main topic, please feel free to read our brief explanation of the game if, on the other hand, you have only recently learned about this difficult platformer.

Playthrough of Geometry Dash Lite

The Impossible Game, an exclusive platformer for the Xbox 360 that was published in 2009, served as the inspiration for the challenging vertical platformer Geometry Dash Lite. The arcade game’s main design is straightforward, and it just uses one button to let the player interact with the controls. The game was easily added to the list of “easy to learn but tough to master” hardcore titles due of its plain design and strict gameplay structure.

Things You Should Know About Geometry Dash Lite

Most of the features of the premium edition of Geometry Dash are already present in the game’s free version. There are no opportunities to create user-generated content for the custom levels in the lite edition. As a result of this modification, players won’t be able to create or create their own unique levels. Moreover, there are limited customisation options and ads. 13 of of the game’s 21 levels, which are exclusively included in the premium edition, are also available.

How to Access Hidden Content in Geometry Dash Lite

By finding hidden secrets in Geometry Dash Lite, you can gain access to a range of various goods. The majority of the secrets are only accessible after achieving specific goals. The tasks necessary to discover a secret are available on the Achievements page, along with the associated reward.


Master Detective is among the game’s simpler mysteries that you could find. The truth is that you can have access to this secret without even playing the game. You can find out this secret in just a minute if you do it correctly. Until you go to the main title screen and select the play icon, you won’t be able to view this secret content. Once you see the notice “Coming Soon,” continue to scroll down the list of levels. On the same page, locate and click the “Information” icon in the display’s upper right-hand corner (see image below).

When you click the icon, a pop-up window will open, which you may clear by clicking the “OK” button. You must immediately click the arrow to the right after selecting the ‘OK’ option. till the Coming Soon page is once again shown. Click the right arrow repeatedly until you see a coin on the Coming Soon page. You will need to leave the website for a few seconds to rest. The reward for discovering this secret truth has a distinctive tint.


Without really playing the game, you can access another secret aspect of Geometry Dash Lite. to click on the characters on the main title screen to unlock them. You must travel to the main title page first in order to gain these achievements. then select the players who are currently moving across the screen.

With your initial click, the Rampage Achievement will become available, which offers an additional color reward. Dominating is a feat that can be attained by selecting fifty different players, and the reward it comes with is a Cube 41. The Ultrakill Achievement will become accessible to you when your overall kill total reaches 100. Moreover, it comes with a dual color reward.

Things You Should Know About Geometry Dash Lite

Continue clicking on people after that until you have completed the 200 player requirement for the Godlike Achievement, which is required to unlock it. Cube 39 is the prize for achieving the Godlike Achievement. If you want to eliminate 500 players, you can continue your clicking frenzy. for the purpose of earning the Ball 12 award-related Wickedsick achievement. You will be able to disclose two additional secrets on top of the many achievements. If you choose a specific individual or cube with your mouse, they will be annihilated.

The game Geometry Dash Lite is absolutely insane.


You must destroy the cube that is seen in the image below to obtain the Nice Shot achievement. This cube appears on the screen in an undetermined location and could be any color.


The achievement Catch ’em All resembles the Good Shot achievement in a lot of ways. It demands that you destroy a specific cube that appears on the screen randomly. Moreover, a random selection of color combinations will make the cube appear. The achievement “Catch ’em All” in the game is a wink to the tagline for the Pokémon series.

Play the PC version of Geometry Dash

Now that you understand how to find every secret achievement, your next goal. must participate in the game in order to either buy or earn the prize(s) linked with it. The ideal way to play Geometry Dash is on your own computer, if we’re going to talk about playing. You only need to follow the instructions provided on the game’s website to download Geometry Dash Lite.


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