Things You Should Know If You’re Planning On Immigrating To Canada

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Canada is a great destination for those looking to immigrate. With its friendly people, diverse culture and robust economy, Canada has become a popular choice for many people looking to start a new life. But before you plan your move to Canada, there are some important things you should know.

Here are some important things you should know if you’re planning on immigrating to Canada.

Permanent Residence

An immigration visa shall correctly be referred to as a permanent resident visa. As a permanent resident of Canada, you are entitled to enter and leave the country as you wish. However, this status does not entitle you to vote or to receive a Canadian passport. You must keep your permanent resident status until you are eligible to apply for your Canadian citizenship.

To keep your permanent resident status, you must fulfill the residency obligation stated in the Canadian immigration laws. Our offices can help you obtaining your permanent resident card. Furthermore, our professionals can represent you in the litigation process surrounding the loss of your permanent resident status.

If you are a permanent resident since at least three years, you might be entitled to apply for your Canadian citizenship.

Sponsor Your Family

If you wish to sponsor your wife, husband or de facto spouse, our professionals will help you to assemble the best immigration application possible in order to avoid the common problems arising from incorrectly prepared applications, in particular immigration interviews which frequently lead to rejection of applications cases.

Moreover, if your parents, grandparents, your brothers and sisters are still abroad, be informed that you could qualify to sponsor them to Canada, in order for them to come and live with you in this fabulous country. Also, if you consider international adoption, do not hesitate to communicate with our professionals.

Significant financial obligations can arise from the sponsorship of family members, for periods going from three to ten years. Since the sponsor and sponsored persons must meet several conditions in order to qualify for immigration to Canada, please contact our offices in order to know the steps, the costs and the processing time associated with such procedures.

Work Permit

Canada is a great place to work, and the Canadian government has made it easier for foreign workers to gain a work permit and Canada job search visa. In most of the cases, you must obtain a Work Permit prior to be allowed to work in Canada. Your work permit application includes many steps, such as looking for an employer, obtaining a job offer, applying for HRDC confirmation and obtaining your Work Permit from the Canadian Embassy.

A Work Permit is a temporary visa which does not authorize you to immigrate to Canada. However, obtaining a Work Permit can be beneficial for your future immigration application to Canada. You can also come to Canada to work as a live-in caregiver.


In order to succeed with your immigration application to Canada, you must qualify at the federal or at a provincial selection grille. Your education, work experience, age and language abilities might be assessed, depending on which immigration program you select.

Immigration professionals can advise you as to which immigration program offers you the most chance of success along with the fastest processing time. Since immigration applications are usually long, complicated and expensive, it is better for an applicant to work with accredited professionals able to render efficient services and judgments. In the past, too many applicants were victims of fraud after dealing with immigration agents or consultants rather than accredited Canadian immigration attorneys. With the right information, you can easily apply for a Canadian work permit and job search visa.

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