This Christmas, Shop For A Sujata Mixer Grinder To Gift Your Mother

best mixer under 5000
best mixer under 5000

You may not think too much about it, but shopping for a mixer grinder requires a little thought.You do need to research the type of appliances available and what your kitchen needs are. You have to make a quick comparison of all the options available given the sorted parameters mentioned here, and then finally make a buying decision for yourself. 

This way, you can make a significantly better purchase when it comes to this particular appliance so that it can serve multiple purposes inside of the kitchen: chopping, grinding, mixing, and pureeing. A Sujata mixer grinder also comes with a lot of attachments that you use for several food preparation purposes.

Number of jars 

The more jars you get with the best mixer under 5000, the better. These jars are essential to making all of the mixings and grinding possible. We recommend looking for that particular appliance with at least three jobs with varying capacities to meet your requirements. The Jars are multipurpose and can be used for anything like grinding spices, blending chutneys, and food juicing just about anything in general. Also, look for jars that have a durable body with a break-resistant lid that guarantees daily wear and tear. They must also have an ergonomically designed handle to avoid drops and spills. 


Wattage refers to the power output the Sujata mixer grinder can produce. The higher the wattage count, the higher the grinding speed. Higher wattage also means that you can grind tougher ingredients on that mix and grinder without worrying about breaking any parts. Usually, wattage speeds varying between 500 W to 750 W are good enough for the average Indian kitchen. You can go for a higher wattage, but those appliances are likely to be more expensive.  


The RPM of a mix of grinder indicates how quickly the blade can rotate per second or minute. A normal mix of grind appliances for daily domestic uses should have an RPM of 18000 to 23000. Certain mixer grinders that come with a juicing facility have a look to medium RPM to work efficiently. This is because a higher RPM means faster speeds, and certain liquids or spices may not grind effectively, sticking to the side as the blades rotate. All mixed grinders come with control knobs of switches So That you have better control over these RPM settings. 


When you have quickly checked the exteriors, wattages, and speeds, take a closer look at the quality of the blades. The blades need to be of 304-grade stainless steel materials and fitted tightly at the bottom of the jars. The steel grading indicates whether the blades are resistant to corrosion or oxidation. Steel plates made of top-quality materials are likely to stay sharper for longer.


The warranty ensures you get your full value for the money you spend on the appliance. The best appliances will have a warranty of at least Two to five years. It should also come with an additional warranty on the motor’s life. Some of the best plans even offer exclusive servicing options for the products that they sell in case technical issues arise as you use the appliance.


And finally, you have the price of a particular Sujata mixer grinder appliance. The price point that you are expected to pay will vary depending on several factors: warranty, brand, model number, jar attachments, wattage, and power output. 

The price point clearly indicates the quality of the best mixer under 5000. The more features and facilities the appliance has, the higher the price – and to ensure that the customers have what they need, many retailers offer exclusive EMI and easy payment options on the appliances they sell. 

Consider the easy EMI options on the Bajaj Mall, where you can easily purchase the best mixer grinder you want using the Insta EMI card. This way, you can buy a premium grid mixer grinder for your kitchen and pay off the full price over a certain time. There are many inexpensive options In the market, but you usually take on a lot of risk with such options that include poor quality, lack of features, or no good features at all!


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