This is the Best Area in New York to Find a “Sugar Daddy”

Sugar Daddy

Finding a millionaire willing to spend large amounts of money on gifts, outings and even college expenses, in exchange for a fun and attractive company, is a trend more common than you think. A “sugar daddy” is a kind of sponsor willing to gratify his “sugar baby” in exchange for being pleased.

Some dating apps like one of the best sugar daddy websites SugarDaddySeek specialize in this type of arrangement. And precisely, according to this site, the best area in New York to find a “sugar daddy” is not Manhattan, but Queens.

According to his research, most of the “sugar daddies” live in Queens, as there are 1,308 millionaire men who could be potential sponsors. On the other hand, in Manhattan, there are only 586, while in Brooklyn there are 370. Far below are the Bronx, with 152 millionaires, and Staten Island, with 97.

For further reference, the best neighborhoods in Queens to approach a millionaire are Forest Hills, Woodside and Elmhurst.

A few months ago, the same site revealed a list of universities where most of the “sugar babies” in the United States enroll, who generally seek help to pay the high costs of professional education in the country. First place went to Georgia State University, Atlanta, followed by the University of Central Florida, the University of Alabama, California State University, Columbia University and New York University.

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