Tips for Better Communication with Followers on Instagram

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Instagram is maintaining a high standard among a range of famous social media applications and none of them can beat this platform in high interactivity and quality content in photos and video form. The high-quality content that is displayed on this network is powerful enough to get liked by people just after a few seconds of posting it.

As we are moving forward in the advanced world, we can see the rising significance of video content which is now considered the king of social media and has a huge share in the overall content on social media. visual content with massive potential can benefit your business in fantastic ways and it can also increase your brand’s engagement to a great extent.

Communication on Instagram is not an easy job and especially when you are doing it to increase the Instagram engagement of your business profile, it’s not that easy. Your every action and every single post are counted in boosting your engagement and grabbing the attention of your target audience. So, you must be knowing the trick and the importance of following the right strategies at the right time. you must stay ahead of the advancements that are made by this network and also you must know how to make the necessary changes in your strategy according to them.

In this blog, we are going to discuss the different ways to power boost your engagement rate and how you can do it just by practicing some simple things while creating content on your Instagram business profile.

1.       Post Regularly

You cannot achieve a high engagement on Instagram without showing regularity in your posting schedule. Now many of which intervals you are following in your content calendar but it must be uniformly followed throughout and it is recommended to keep less gap between the posting of content on your profile. The quality of your content is the next immediate thing that you need to consider because you cannot succeed without it. You have to upload at least one video daily and don’t post too much content on your profile as it not only kills the look of your profile but also seems very boring to your audience.

Instagram users are very particular about the quality of content that is shown to them and the excellence of content is often determined based on its quality. It is, therefore very important to post daily to keep your profile in the mind of your audience.

2.       Post at the Right Time

Another important thing after you have successfully crafted the compelling content is to post it at the right time. The right time means when your maximum target audience is online and if you post anytime randomly you are devaluing your content. You must know the right time to post on your Instagram to carry out the best communication with followers.

When you post at the right time you get a high engagement on your post and the Instagram algorithm set the preferences on the business profile and posts based on their level of engagement. When it sees a higher engagement only then it can consider your post as relevant to its target audience. It simply means that if you don’t have a high engagement on your post, it will not be prioritized by the algorithm. So, it is very important to know the right time when the maximum number of your target audience is online.

3.       Use Questions in your Captions

Captions are a very important part of your posts on Instagram which are a true source of communication with your followers on Instagram. While you are using questions in your captions, you are directly engaging your audience by asking them questions and if they feel it interesting would love to reply to you back in the comment section of your post.

For instance, if you are a beautician and you have uploaded a picture of a no-makeup look of your client then you can ask your followers what look they would like to see in the next post on your Instagram profile. When you finish your caption with a question mark, it makes the readers think about it and they tend to answer the question if they feel interested. This is the tested way to increase your followers on Instagram.

4.       Reply to your Audience

Replying to the comments of your audience is one of the most powerful ways to drive massive engagement on your Instagram profile. So, you should never miss this opportunity by making sure that you reply to all the comments you get in the comment section of your posts. This is also a great way to communicate with your target audience and get to know more about their likes and dislikes. 

When you reply to them it makes them feel so special and they are motivated to comment on your future posts as well. You should also answer your audience in the DMs of your business profile. In this way, by spending a little time replying to them you can maximize your engagement rates on Instagram.

5.       Do Live Sessions

Instagram live sessions are also a fantastic way to engage your audience. While doing live sessions you are directly interacting with your target people hence you come to know a lot about them. They can ask you questions directly about yourself and your brand. This not only rise the engagement level of your account but also increases the awareness of your brand. 

Before doing Instagram always figure out the topic of your live session, it must be a unique one with which you can engage your followers with you. you can do a Q&A session on this topic as it makes your live session more engaging and interesting and it also helps you getting followers on Instagram. Before doing the live session make sure you must announce it in the form of an announcement post so that more and more people can join you in this.

6.       Use Instagram Stories

Instagram stories are the most valuable feature of Instagram, which is widely liked and used by the users of this platform. this feature has been trending since it was introduced and now people prefer to add Instagram stories rather than create a post on Instagram. It is an instant way to interact with the audience thus it is very helpful in boosting the engagement of your profile. You can use this feature more engagingly by incorporating polls, quizzes, and countdowns to make your followers more excited about your content. This format of content creation also enhances direct interaction with your followers and getting likes on Instagram by your followers.

7.       Offer Value

People are not going to follow you unless you are a famous person with a massive fan following on Instagram. To build a strong image of your product in the minds of your potential customers, you have to craft its importance by educating them about the product. Once, they start feeling the need for your product in their lives then they will start purchasing it from you.

8.       Use Call-to-Action:

You can never build a successful landing page without integrating CTA into it. Then how you can imagine creating a post on Instagram without adding CTA to it? You must add CTA every time you post on your business account so that your interested followers can easily access the direct connection with you. while doing online shopping a given CTA eases the purchasing process of your clients multiple times. So, never ignore this important component in your content that can bring you high-level engagement along with lead generation.

9.       Hold an Instagram Contest

Instagram contests are an incredible way to connect your audience with your brand. You only need to announce an interesting contest so that more and more people can take part in it. To run a successful contest, you need to put a post that explains the rules and regulations of this contest. You can also explain the rule in the caption and put the rest of the details on the web page whose link would be attached to that post. In this way, interested people will be directed to your website. 

You can ask the participants to tag more people in their posts and hence you can increase the engagement of your content in multiple ways. Once the deadline ended evaluate the results and announce the winner and send a giveaway to your winning follower. It will connect them emotionally with your brand.

10.   Use the Right Hashtags

This is one of the most effective ways to make success with your marketing strategy and increase high engagement on Instagram. Additionally, it helps the brand to reach new audiences and gain as its followers. The only thing that you need to implement the hashtags is to find the most relevant hashtags that are highly ranked in your niche. It can amazingly Skyrocket your engagement level by introducing you to a wider range of audience.


If you want to be successful with your online marketing efforts, Instagram is one of the most efficient tools you can use to meet this purpose. By implementing the above-given tips in your marketing strategy, you can generate a high level of engagement.

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