Tips for Building Your Alfresco Living Area for Summer Season

outdoor alfresco
outdoor alfresco
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Last updated on October 7th, 2022 at 11:21 am

Summer is that time of the year when we make use of our outdoor spaces the most. During the summer, an alfresco living area is the best place to enjoy picturesque blue skies, endless hours of sunshine, COVID-safe BBQs with friends and family, and festival celebrations. 

Here are some of the ways you can build your dream alfresco living area: 


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The proper lighting can set the mood and atmosphere for your entire outdoor alfresco space, turning your outdoor into a cozy outdoor restaurant, lively pool bar, or bustling party hub. Choose lights that will create the ambience you want for your outdoor setting – avoid harsh fluorescent lighting that can feel clinical. Instead, choose a combination of ceiling, wall, and patio lighting to illuminate your alfresco space with a touch of elegance.

LED lights are also an intelligent investment in lighting your space, as they use less energy than other types of lighting and emit less heat, which will help lower the temperature in your outdoor space.


A rustic sandstone fire pit surrounded by large wicker chairs makes it the perfect warm and cozy place to relax. It is an ideal addition to make the outdoors more welcoming and aesthetically pleasing. 

Cooling and shade:

Summer means bright, warm, and longer days, but the Australian weather means it can be sweltering. So, if you want to enjoy your outdoor alfresco space even as the mercury rises, it’s crucial to ensure your space includes a cover and fans.

Most porches are already equipped with a roof, but if your space only provides partial coverage and the sun still shines, we recommend planting trees or vines. You can also install an awning or wood battens for coverage.

For cooling, you can purchase several portable options, but it may be worth installing a ceiling fan on your porch roof.

Furnish for fun:

Create a comfortable and fun environment that draws people into the space through your device. That means plenty of comfy couches, colourful pillows, an outdoor dining table, potted plants, rugs, and maybe even a few fancy banana lounges! Outdoor spaces are the perfect place to let your style shine through, so don’t be afraid to experiment with bright colours and bold textures that might be too harsh for your home’s interior.


Whether you have an intrusive neighbour or want to turn your outdoor space into a private backyard retreat, privacy is also an important aspect to think about. Add privacy to your outdoor alfresco space by adding Ziptrak blinds aluminium louvre, or consider how trees and plants can add natural shade to your backyard.


If you’re looking to entertain guests in summer, it’s time to start tending to your yard. A beautiful, well-maintained garden will enhance and add atmosphere to your outdoor space. Throw away all the twigs and old autumn leaves, mow the lawn, and plant many colourful flowers that will bloom over the next few months. This is also a great time to plant some vegetables or herbs that will flourish in the summer.

Perfect the layout:

The arrangement of your outdoor alfresco area will significantly impact the appearance and functionality of the space, regardless of whether the space is small or large. The aspects include how the sun moves over your home, where it rises and sets, which layout will give you the best view, and how you can make the most of it on a hot summer afternoon. 

You should also choose a configuration that best suits your outdoor space – if you want to entertain people for lunch, don’t place your dining furniture in a spot that gets full sun. Place your furniture in a way that draws people outside and makes the most of the space.


Your outdoor space is a vital aspect of the home design that allows you to enjoy the outdoors. Make sure to make your outdoor alfresco space more entertaining. Whether you have a small terrace, a large garden, a simple backyard, or just a balcony, the outdoors are connected to your indoor space and deserve the same attention and effort you would put into your interior design.

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