Tips for Entrepreneurs in Dubai and Beyond: What to Know


You need to look beyond the ordinary and explore the different kinds of markets out there. It is not necessary for you to start a company from scratch in Silicon Valley. There are different regions that are far more suitable and business-friendly.

If we talk about Dubai, before the pandemic, the city received over 16.45 million tourists and now that the world is opening once again – we expect to see a new surge in visitors. And more than tourism, Dubai is quickly setting a roadmap to become of the leading hubs for entrepreneurs.

We suggest you look into the city for your next project. In this article, we will be covering what you should be aware of while starting a business in Dubai about mobile app development Dubai

Why the Location Matters

Now that you have chosen Dubai as your primary location, it is important to acknowledge different areas of the city and how they differ from one another. Unlike other countries – the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is specifically designed to be a hub of opportunities for entrepreneurs. The GCC region in general is known for being income tax free and there is a reason why expatriates choose to work in this part of the world.

In the case of businesses, it is highly recommended to start your business in one of the 40 free zones and be exempted from any kind of unnecessary expenses. Let us explain why. Businesses that are based in the free zone do have to pay Value Added Tax (VAT), Income Tax, Corporate Tax, or any kind of Custom charges.

And foreigners who invest in the free zone can own 100% of the business, with all shares. Here are a few zones worth looking at:

·         Dubai Internet City

·         Dubai Media City

·         Dubai Science Park

And there are a lot more. You need to research and see what zone will align well with your particular business. Plus, the UAE government assures that independent laws and regulations will be applied, saving you from any problems.

Market Research is Important

Your main concern should be looking at how your business will easily connect with the wider world and how much access it has when it comes to being globally present and accessible. To put your business out there and connect to emerging markets, this fact is worth noting.

A mobile app development company Qatar can collaborate and help your business with the insights you need to a high extent, yes. But your own research and the way you communicate your requirements matter just as much, if not more. Figure out your demographics and their needs, ask questions and keep reflecting until you come to different conclusions.

For example – if you move ahead with your business in Dubai Design District – you should be aware that the ecosystem over there is made for creative thinkers and those who are seeking to build a presence across the arts and the fashion industry. The location is near Burj Khalifa and seems ideal but is your business even remotely close to being design-related? Think and reflect.

Also, a business in the UAE means that you will be connected with all the communities in Dubai and the entire country. The likes of Young Arab Leaders and Dubai Businesswomen Council exist to fulfill the needs of the ecosystem, addressing all kinds of concerns. We would recommend you find your place there.

Embracing the Future

Whether it is a mobile app development Bahrain or any other entity, it should be clear that the UAE plans to grow exponentially by 2040 and the policies are created as such. The recent Dubai Expo 2020 showcased to the world what the city and the GCC region have to offer – setting a whole new benchmark for innovation and creativity. The Middle East is rapidly developing and opportunities are immense.

Look around and see how even the FIFA World Cup 2022 was well received in Qatar. And during the World Cup, tourists and investors stayed in Dubai as well. The GCC region is well-connected and moving from one city to another is not difficult.

If you set up a business in Dubai, here is what the government promises:

·         Strategic location and workspace in place

·         Business made easy

·         Rated as an advanced tech hub

·         Regional hub for global enterprises and startups

And above all, a fair and elaborative judicial system is in place. Dubai acknowledges the rights of intellectual property and the laws are clearly defined to be fair and are implemented as such as well. The UAE is known for being incredibly safe and stable.


Amelia Noah

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