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Perfect Curtains

Charming curtains and drapes have the ability to glorify the place without investing too much time. Curtains are best for every place, no matter if they are residential or commercial areas. They can adjust themselves in a perfect way to every type of interior.

That’s the reason curtains are considered the best window coverings of all time. There are many types, styles, designs, and fabrics of curtains available on the market, making the curtain selection difficult for the customer.

When anyone enters a curtain shop, they get confused between thousands of curtains. So, if you want to easily choose the Best Curtains in Dubai for your home, this article is specifically for you. Because I am going to tell you all the tips for finding the perfect curtains for any place. Without further delay, let’s drown in the method of finding the best curtains.

Determine The Purpose Of Curtains

First of all, while selecting the curtains, you should consider the purpose of the curtains and why you want to install curtains on your windows. Either you want style, privacy, darkness, or a layer of insulation with your curtains. Sometimes, people require all the things from curtains. For this purpose, panels with cotton lining are perfect.

Cotton curtains with insulation backing help to provide the insulation in the room and also add style. Darkness can also be easily created in the room with the help of blackout curtains. Sheer curtains provide control over light by letting light into the room. Silk curtains are used to add beauty, sleekness, and elegance to the space.

Choose The Perfect Curtain Size

After determining the purpose of the curtains, it’s time to choose the size of the curtains according to your windows. The width of the curtains should be double as compared to the width of the windows so they can properly cover them. 

As far as the length of the curtains is concerned, always buy long curtains that touch the floor because they always look more beautiful and elegant. If you are buying ready-made curtains and can’t find the perfect height for your curtains, then never buy short curtains; always buy long curtains, and then hem them according to the length of the wall.

Select The Ideal Curtain Fabric

After choosing the size of the curtains, now select the curtain fabric. There are many types of curtain fabrics available on the market. You should select the one that can fulfill the purpose of your curtains very easily with the minimum addition of other fabric.

Cotton is a very easy to clean and easily adjustable fabric for all types of interiors. Velvet is somewhat heavy and provides the appearance of drapes; it is also ideal for cold environments. Sheer is lightweight and sleek and allows light to enter the room by filtering it. Wool is a heavy fabric but has the ability to carry a number of designs, styles, and patterns.

Select any of these fabrics for your curtains or select blackout, linen, linen blends, polyester, rayon, or voile according to the needs of the room.

Search For The Best Style For The Curtains

The selection of style is also very important when finding the perfect curtains because style determines the look of the room. There are many styles of curtains available, such as pencil pleats, grommets, eyelets, pinch pleats, single panels, panel pairs, box pleats, goblet pleats, and rod pocket curtains. 

Select any of these styles for the curtains that you consider best for your place. No matter if you have a contemporary or traditional interior, these styles can easily fit into your place without any struggle.

Pick The Perfect Color For The Curtains

Colors have the ability to make any place dull or attractive, so while selecting the colour of the curtains, you must be conscious of the interior decor needs. If you want to add a modern and bright touch to the room, use green, red, grey, purple, pink, or any other bright colour for the curtains. However, if you want to create a traditional or classic look, use beige, cream, white, or skin-coloured curtains.

There is no need to select plain fabric for the curtains; you can also select printed fabric in multi-colours to give a contemporary look to the room. Printed and multi-coloured curtains are best for kids’ bedrooms to make them more exciting.

Look For Easy To Clean Curtains

When purchasing curtains, you should also look into their maintenance so they never cause trouble for you in the future. It is always advisable to select curtains that are easy to clean. As curtains can easily get dirty by the hands of people and also by kids and pets, they should be easy to clean for the ease of the users.

There are many curtains on the market that are safe for washing, such as cotton, silk, or sheer curtains. They can easily be washed in the tub with a mild detergent and lukewarm water. They can also be dusted with an upholstery brush used for sofas and couches.

Sort Out The Durable Hardware

The hardware of the curtains includes curtain rods, curtain rails, curtain rings, curtain hooks, nuts, and nails. Always pick out the best quality, highly durable curtain hardware so it can easily bear the weight of the curtains. Always select the rods that match the fabric of the curtains. Heavy drapes of velvet should hang on big curtain rods so they can easily bear their weights. 

The rings of the velvet curtains are also slightly larger than the rings of the silk curtains. If you are installing motorized curtains, then go for the best quality, somfy motor so there is no need for maintenance.

Go For Easy To Install Curtains

Installation is also a very important step for curtains because if the curtains are too difficult to install, they create problems for the users. Installers also charge high for these types of curtains, so try to buy curtains that are easy to install.


After reading all the tips for finding the perfect curtains, now you can easily find the best fabric, style, color, size, and hardware for the curtains according to the needs of your place. Best of luck with the selection of the best curtains for your room.

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